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Tomorrow's Heroes: Thomas

Thomas qualifies to join North through the NGA as an indigenous prospect in the Roos' Tasmanian zone.

3:10pm Nov 16, 2018

The force within

Michael Yai Garang speaks about the physically and mentally testing Kokoda trek.

2:08pm Nov 16, 2018


AFLW: Hood's message

Former club executive Sonja Hood addressed the Melbourne-based players ahead of training.

9:15am Nov 16, 2018


Pocket Profile: Haines

Get to know our new AFLW recruits better with our 'pocket profiles'. This time it's Chloe Haines.

3:30pm Nov 14, 2018


Pocket Profile: Mesiti

Get to know our new AFLW recruits better with our 'pocket profiles'. This time it's Taylor Mesiti.

3:15pm Nov 14, 2018


AFLW: Strength in numbers

As AFLW and women’s football grows, the opportunities across all aspects of the industry seem boundless.

1:45pm Nov 14, 2018


AFLW: Hail King Carey

North vice-captain Brittany Gibson has chosen to wear Wayne Carey's famous No.18 in 2019.

4:15pm Nov 13, 2018


AFLW: Ready for lift off

If the VFLW talent search is anything to go by, women's footy is about to explode according to Scott Gowans.

6:00pm Nov 12, 2018


AFLW: 11 rule tweaks

Eleven new rules or rule interpretations will be in play in the 2019 AFL Women's season.

5:00pm Nov 7, 2018


AFLW: Duffin’s delight

Jess Duffin has capped off a stellar year with a place in the inaugural leadership group for 2019.

4:15pm Nov 2, 2018


AFLW: Jumper numbers

The Kangaroos have unveiled their jumper numbers ahead of their 2019 campaign.

4:00pm Nov 2, 2018


AFLW: Leading the way

Emma Kearney has been named as the inaugural captain of the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos.

2:58pm Nov 2, 2018


Pocket Profile: Lynch

Get to know our new AFLW recruits better with our 'pocket profiles'. This time it's Beth Lynch.

5:15pm Oct 31, 2018


AFLW: Gowans' standards

“Clarity, communication, and preparation,” are three words to describe Scott Gowan's approach.

5:04pm Oct 31, 2018


Pocket Profile: Bresnehan

Get to know our new AFLW recruits better with our 'pocket profiles'. This time it's Nicole Bresnehan.

5:00pm Oct 31, 2018


AFLW: Anywhere, anytime

North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos coach Scott Gowans isn't fazed about his teams travels.

3:52pm Oct 26, 2018


AFLW fixture released

The fixture for the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos first AFLW season has been released.

11:13am Oct 26, 2018


AFLW: Hobart the start

The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos' foray into the AFLW will begin in Hobart in 2019.

8:43am Oct 26, 2018


AFLW: Full list of signings

The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos has acquired one of the strongest lists in AFLW history.

2:08pm Oct 25, 2018


AFLW: North’s Lynch-pin

The signing of Beth Lynch has finalised the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos list for 2019.

1:32pm Oct 25, 2018


AFLW: A proud moment

Scott Gowans was filled with pride when the Daisy Bateman became the Roos first ever draft selection.

3:47pm Oct 24, 2018


AFLW: Munn’s Moment

It was a moment where Courteney Munn probably wished she had her phone notifications switched off.

3:03pm Oct 24, 2018