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Open letter from Majak Daw

Majak Daw has penned an open letter to the supporters of the North Melbourne Football Club.

2:55pm Jan 15, 2019

AFLW: Practice match

The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos will have their first official practice match this weekend.

2:30pm Jan 15, 2019

See below for a full list of trade transactions by North Melbourne since the introduction of the National Draft in 1986.


In: Pick 92 (Stephen Vizy)
Out: Mark O'Donoghue (Sydney)


No trades completed


In: Pick 11 (Danny Sexton), Pick 35 (Stuart Anderson)
Out: Paul Bryce (Melbourne)

In: Pick 45 (Craig Jennings)
Out: Mark Arceri (Carlton)

In: Pick 50 (Craig Ellis)
Out: Mark Hepburn (West Coast)

In: Pick 53 (Stephen Pears)
Out: Travers Martin-Benyon (Brisbane)

In: John Ahern (Melbourne)
Out: Pick 75 (Robert Panozza)

In: Peter Mann (West Coast)
Out: Pick 9 (Matt Clape)

In: Mark Roberts (Brisbane)
Out: Pick 47 (Luke Chambers)

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In: Pick 34 (Tim Leng)
Out: Russell Evans (Essendon)

In: Pick 50 (Bruce Hando)
Out: Col Gasden, John McNamara (Geelong)

In: Tim Bourke (Geelong)
Out: Draft pick unused

In: Richard Dennis (Carlton)
Out: Draft pick unused


In: Pick 6 (Robert Pyman)
Out: Paul Spargo (Brisbane)

In: Pick 55 (Matthew Capuano)
Out: John McCarthy (Fitzroy)

In: Pick 110 (Jeff Chandler)
Out: Dean McRae (Sydney)

In: Pick 123 (Marty Christensen)
Out: Liam Pickering, Darren Steele, Leigh Tudor (Geelong)

In: John Blakey (Fitzroy)
Out: Pick 68 (Travis Miller)

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In: Dean Laidley (West Coast)
Out: Pick 8 (Paul Symmons)

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In: John Barnett (Hawthorn)
Out: Pick 56 (Rayden Tallis, Hawthorn)


In: Glenn Freeborn, Pick 55 (Matthew Belleville)
Out: Troy Polak (Fremantle)

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In: Robert Scott (Geelong)
Out: Brad Sholl, Pick 17 (Carl Steinfort), Pick 69 (Dean Helmers)

In: Matthew Armstrong (Fitzroy)
Out: Pick 35 (Marty Warry), Grant Demamiel, Adam McCarthy


In: Brad Plain
Out: Adrian McAdam (Collingwood)

In: Pick 65 (Erich Lissenden)
Out: Alastair Clarkson (Melbourne)

In: Pick 26 (Chris Groom)
Out: Robert Pyman (Collingwood)

In: Stuart Cochrane (Pre-season compensation pick)
Out: Peter Mann (Fremantle)


In: Kent Kingsley, Wade Kingsley
Out: Paul Geister (Port Adelaide)

In: Pick 50 (Luke McCormick)
Out: Trent Nichols (Richmond)

In: Pick 70 (Adam Hay)
Out: John Barnett (Collingwood)


In: Winston Abraham
Out: Stuart Anderson (Fremantle)

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In: Shannon Grant, Pick 27 (Brad Stephens)
Out: Wayne Schwass (Sydney)

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In: Jason McCartney
Out: Mark Stevens (Adelaide)

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No trades completed


In: Pick 77 (Lindsay Smith)
Out: Scott Welsh (Adelaide)

In: Leigh Colbert, Pick 53 (Clayton Lassock)
Out: Cameron Mooney, Pick 15 (David Spriggs), Pick 17 (Ezra Bray) (Geelong)

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In: David Calthorpe
Out: Pick 32 (On-traded) (Brisbane)


In: Pick 23 (Drew Petrie)
Out: Evan Hewitt (Adelaide)

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In: Jess Sinclair, Pick 6 (Dylan Smith), Pick 8 (Daniel Motlop)
Out: Peter Bell (Fremantle)

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In: Ricky Olarenshaw (Collingwood)
Out: Pick 37 (Guy Richards)

In: Pick 42 (Daniel Pratt)
Out: Kent Kingsley, Pick 45 (On-traded) (Geelong)

In: Joe McLaren
Out: Matthew Capuano (St Kilda)


In: Mark Porter (Carlton), Pick 14 (Ashley Watson), Pick 30 (Rod Crowe)
Out: Corey McKernan, Pick 23 (On-traded), Pick 39 (Justin Davies)

In: Pick 61 (Mick Martyn)
Out: Lindsay Smith (Carlton)

In: David Bourke (Richmond)
Out: Pick 68 (Chris Hyde)


In: Leigh Brown (Fremantle)
Out: Pick 13 (Byron Schammer)

In: Pick 2 (Daniel Wells), Pick 18 (Kris Shore)
Out: Wayne Carey (Adelaide)

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In: Michael Stevens
Out: Stuart Cochrane (Port Adelaide)

In: Pick 13 (On-traded), Pick 31 (Joel Perry)
Out: Byron Pickett (Port Adelaide)


In: Corey McKernan
Out: Digby Morrell, David Teague (Carlton)


In: Nathan Thompson (Hawthorn)
Out: Pick 10 (Chris Egan, Collingwood), Pick 26 (Matt Little, Hawthorn)

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In: Pick 28 (Matt Riggio), Pick 46 (on-traded)
Out: Daniel Motlop (Port Adelaide)

In: Jade Rawlings (Western Bulldogs), Pick 43 (Andrew Swallow)
Out: Pick 46 (Travis Baird)

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In: Daniel McConnell (West Coast), Pick 18 (on-traded)
Out: Pick 13 (Shannon Hurn), Pick 29 (Ben McKinley)

In: Jonathan Hay (Hawthorn)
Out: Pick 18 (Max Bailey)

In: Mark Powell (Sydney)
Out: Pick 61 (Matthew Stokes, Geelong, on-traded)


No trades completed


In: Sam Power (Western Bulldogs)
Out: Pick 48 (Jarrad Boumann)

In: Ben Davies (Collingwood)
Out: Pick 96 (Unused)

In: Pick 37 (Scott Thompson)
Out: Brad Moran (Adelaide)

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No trades completed


In: Pick 25 (Aaron Black), Pick 41 (Ayden Kennedy)
Out: Josh Gibson, Pick 69 (Unused) (Hawthorn)


In: Pick 27 (Kieran Harper), Pick 71 (Ben Mabon)
Out: David Hale, Pick 52 (Cameron O'Shea, Port Adelaide, on-traded) (Hawthorn)

In: Ben McKinley
Out: Pick 86 (West Coast, unused)

In: Cam Richardson
Out: Pick #35 (Ben Newton, Port Adelaide) (Gold Coast)


In: Will Sierakowski (Hawthorn)
Out: Pick 58 (Lachie Neale, Fremantle) to Hawthorn


In: Pick 76 (Sam Gibson, rookie elevation)
Out: Aaron Edwards (Richmond)

In: Jordan Gysberts and Pick 61 (Taylor Hine)
Out: Cameron Pedersen and Pick 76 (Melbourne)

In: Pick 38 (on-traded)
Out: Hamish McIntosh (Geelong)

In: Pick 41 (Mason Wood), 47 (Mitchell Wilkins)
Out: Pick 38 (Collingwood, Jackson Ramsay)


Nick Dal Santo (via free agency)

In: Pick 77 (unused)
Out: Luke Delaney (St Kilda)


In: Jarrad Waite (via free agency)

In: Shaun Higgins (via free agency)

In: Pick 25
Out: Levi Greenwood (Collingwood)


In: Jed Anderson, Pick 38, Pick 40 (Hawthorn)
Out: Pick 15, Pick 55

In: Pick 17, 26 (Brisbane)
Out: Ryan Bastinac, Pick 38, Pick 40, 2016 3rd round

In: Pick 53 (Gold Coast)
Out: Daniel Currie


In: Paul Ahern (GWS)
Out: Pick 69

In: Nathan Hrovat, 2017 3rd and 4th round picks (Western Bulldogs)
Out: 2017 3rd and 4th round picks

In: Marley Williams (Collingwood)
Out: Pick 105

In: Pick 92 (Geelong)
Out: Aaron Black


In: Pick 91
Out: Sam Gibson

In: Two 2018 3rd round selections
Pick 46, 2018 third-round selection


In: Jared Polec, Jasper Pittard, Pick 48
Out: Pick 11, 2019 fourth-round selection

In: Pick 61
Ryan Clarke

In: Dom Tyson
Out: Braydon Preuss, Pick 62

In: Aaron Hall
Out: Pick 68