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AFL: First-year watch

Queenslanders Josh Williams and Declan Watson have made strong starts to their first pre-seasons.

11:00am  Jan 24, 2017

Jack holds cards

Nick Dal Santo has backed North’s decision to appoint Jack Ziebell as captain.

2:35pm  Jan 23, 2017

Higgins, McDonald collision course

During match simulation on Friday morning Shaun Higgins and Luke McDonald came to blows.

3:06pm  Jan 20, 2017

Betting has changed. More than ever our fans, members and players are exposed to sports betting advertising through the media, new apps and technology.

As a leader in our community, we have a responsibility to protect supporters of the sport from harm, particularly reducing the exposure of our young fans to sports betting promotion.

Together with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation we are encouraging fans to remember the passion, not the odds. Football is as exciting as ever, but with the increase in betting promotion over the years, it’s easy to forget what really matters. We’re asking fans to remember that our game is great enough.

Find out more about the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Thank you to all of those who entered the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation's Love the game to win competition.