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Students tackle social issues

Forty-five students from local communities took part in a special Social Cohesion project recently.

4:30pm Oct 30, 2017


Voice Your Voice

Voice Your Voice is an initiative designed to help young people grow their ideas and turn them into projects.

12:39pm Aug 22, 2017


Welcome to AFL

The Huddle hosted over 150 international students who descended on Arden Street last Sunday.

3:08pm Jul 13, 2017


North's Reconciliation Action Plan

North Melbourne has a proud indigenous history that has been well documented over the past 148 years.

8:49pm Jul 4, 2017


Huddle launches a first

The Huddle, has again been recognised as an industry leader with the TCF committing a major grant.

1:39pm Jun 19, 2017


Getting To Know: Hester MacKinnon

"I've just finished a law degree and am working part-time as well as volunteering."

11:14am May 12, 2017


Getting To Know: Daniela Grando

"The best thing about The Huddle for me is getting to know the students. They are so motivated."

8:52am May 11, 2017


Getting To Know: Josh Raymer

"I love the upbeat nature and vibe of The Huddle, it has such a positive impact on all involved."

6:15pm May 10, 2017


Getting To Know: Janine Gollant

"The Huddle is such a warm, welcoming and inviting space."

9:28am May 9, 2017


Getting To Know: Daniel Sammut

"My focus is on getting people involved in the sport for enjoyment, participation and personal growth."

5:34pm May 8, 2017


Having a ball

Some up-and-coming future stars have gotten their taste of footy, thanks to The Huddle.

1:51pm Apr 28, 2017


Daw’s ambassadorial role

Majak Daw has been named as one of 19 AFL and AFL Women’s multicultural ambassadors for 2017.

4:04pm Mar 15, 2017


The Huddle sets sail

The Huddle has spread its wings, with the award-winning program launching in Devonport on Tuesday.

10:48am Mar 1, 2017


Surf’s up

For 30 children from The Huddle, it was a day they won’t be forgetting any time soon.

5:36pm Jan 17, 2017


Mazda's Huddle support

North Melbourne’s major partner, Mazda, is getting behind The Huddle’s groundbreaking work.

5:39pm Dec 15, 2016