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The work experience program is important for young people who are unsure of their career pathways. Not only does it serve as a taster to an industry or role, the work experience program also provides young people with soft and hard skills that can be further developed should they wish to proceed in a specific area.

Another benefit of the program is to provide young people with mentoring and guidance during placements, a more in-depth understanding of work/employer expectations that could further positively influence the choice of future career pathways, an increase in self-confidence, independence, organisational and time management skills. For young people looking for part-time work, engagement in work experience programs on resumes is highly attractive to prospective employers.

The Huddle identified some of the barriers to engagement in work experience programs as informed by young people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Some of these barriers to work experience participation includes, new arrival to Australia, the lack of existing employment networks, lack of research skills, the fear and anxiety of reaching out to potential work experience host organisation, the lack of knowledge to inform the decision to obtain work experience from a specific industry, and the lack of opportunities in areas of interest.

Responding to the feedback, The Huddle in partnership with local schools and employers developed a Careers Day program for pupils, hosting over 50 students at each session in order to further expose pupils to various career pathways based on their interests and also the future of work.

The Huddle is currently working with Year 9 and 10 students in local schools to support work experience placements, and also local employers in order to provide pupils with a ‘taster’ and an introduction to the work culture, providing pupils with the opportunity to further LEARN, GROW, and BELONG.

In December 2017, three Year 10 students from Mount Alexander College will commence their work experience with Citywide. Citywide’s People and Reputation Executive Jayne Crow, highlights some of the reasons for hosting work experience programs:

"As a community-facing business, we know the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen, local employer, and good neighbour to the communities we work in, with the common goal of fostering greater social cohesion. We are in a privileged position to collaborate with local schools and youth-oriented organisations such as The Huddle to provide valuable work experience opportunities." 

Crow further expressed that with the work experience programs, young people can further test their career choices and ambitions against realities of the workplace. 

"This is something that we can facilitate as local employer in the North Melbourne community," she added. 

There are varieties of work experience placement opportunities for young people including marketing, administration, human resources, sports management, construction, photography, and accounting amongst others.

The Huddle welcome partnerships with schools and local employers in order to further provide young people from culturally diverse backgrounds the opportunity for work experience placements.

Please contact The Huddle directly via email at for further information.