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AFLW: A weekly focus

As the dust settles on the 31-point win over the Western Bulldogs, coach Scott Gowans' focus quickly switches.

10:27am Feb 16, 2019

AFLW: Round 3 Report

North Melbourne has extended its unbeaten start with an emphatic 31-point victory over the Bulldogs.

9:24pm Feb 15, 2019

All the best passages of play since 2012 in gif format. Clicking on each link will take you to the play in question in a new browser tab.

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Round 23 v GWS

- Lachie Hansen's fend and spin

Round 22 v Sydney

- Drew Petrie's goal

Round 19 v St Kilda

- Drew Petrie's high fly

Round 18 v Collingwood

- Jed Anderson's spin
- Majak Daw's mark of the year contender

Round 16 v West Coast

- Ben Brown's goal of the year contender

Round 14 v Adelaide

- Lindsay Thomas from the pocket
- Mason Wood's pickup and turn

Round 13 v Hawthorn

- Majak Daw's fend off
- Mason Wood's mark
- Majak Daw's double effort

Round 11 v Richmond

- Ben Cunnington sells all the candy
- Lindsay Thomas' chase down
- Drew Petrie's side step
- Shaun Atley's checkside

Round 10 v Sydney

- Ben Brown's thumbs up
- Jamie Macmillan's fist pump

Round 9 v Carlton

- Todd Goldstein's snap
- Jarrad Waite's smother
- Jack Ziebell's sidestep

Round 8 v Essendon

- Mason Wood's towering mark
- Majak Daw's snap for goal

Round 7 v St Kilda

- Daniel Wells' smother
Shaun Higgins' spin, snap and goal


Round 6 v Western Bulldogs

- Daniel Wells' celebration
- Jarrad Waite's contested mark
- Luke McDonald's reaction
- Ben Cunnington's chase down tackle
- Drew Petrie's chase down tackle
- Robbie Tarrant's huge mark

Round 5 v Gold Coast

- Robbie Tarrant's crunching tackle
- Lindsay Thomas' smart pass
- Scott Thompson & Barry Hall

Round 4 v Fremantle

- Ben Cunnington's fend-off
- Robbie Tarrant's goal-saving tackle
- Shaun Higgins selling candy

Round 3 v Melbourne

Brent Harvey's wind-assisted set shot
- Lindsay Thomas' game-saving spoil

Round 1 v Adelaide

Garner's match-winning goal
- Harvey's celebration
- Goldstein to Cunnington to Garner
- Petrie forces a contest, Harvey goals
- Wells' chase-down tackle

Non-match footage

- Drew Petrie's prank reaction
- Drew Petrie's second prank reaction


Semi Final v Sydney

- Celebrating in the stands
- Luke McDonald's first goal celebration
- Drew Petrie's collision with Gary Rohan
- Shaun Atley's left-foot sealer



Elimination Final v Richmond

- Brad Scott's final siren celebration
- Jarrad Waite's sealing goal celebration
- Jarrad Waite's chase-down tackle
- Jamie Macmillan's smother
- Shaun Higgins' collision
- Taylor Garner's contested mark
- Michael Firrito's courageous mark
- Taylor Garner's repeat efforts

Round 23 v Richmond

- Majak Daw's contested mark

Round 22 v Western Bulldogs

- Taylor Garner's strong mark

Round 20 v St Kilda

- Jack Ziebell's mid-air kick
- Taylor Garner's boundary goal

Round 19 v Melbourne

- Robbie Nahas out of mid-air
- Ben Brown sells some candy


Round 16 v Essendon

- Ben Brown soaring high

Round 11 v Sydney

- Lachlan Hansen and his waterbottle

Round 10 v West Coast

- Jack Ziebell's spinning goal
- Drew Petrie's big mark
- Trent Dumont bumped by the umpire
- The final siren celebration

Round 7 v Essendon

- Shaun Higgins' big mark
- Lindsay Thomas' big mark
- James Brayshaw's enthusiastic clapping
- Sam Gibson's contested mark

Round 6 v Richmond

- Ryan Bastinac sells the candy

Round 5 v Hawthorn

- Drew Petrie sells some candy

Round 4 v Geelong

- Trent Dumont's first AFL goal
- Jarrad Waite's big mark
- Scott Thompson's fancy footwork


Round 2 v Brisbane

- Robbie Nahas selling candy

Round 1 v Adelaide

- Kayne Turner's bump on Patrick Dangerfield


Non-AFL match footage

- Robbie Nahas' spectacular VFL mark
- Andrew Swallow's elevator walk
- A reaction to others lifting weights
- Brent Harvey wins the players' raffle
- Shaun Atley's training dummy sell

Preliminary Final v Sydney

- Jack Ziebell's smother
- Luke McDonald's smother

Semi Final v Geelong

- Todd Goldstein's match saving mark
- Kayne Turner's late smother

Elimination Final v Essendon

- Sam Wright's intercept mark
- Frank the Tank
- Ben Brown's celebration
- Lindsay Thomas' celebration


Round 23 v Melbourne

- Jack Ziebell's big mark

Round 22 v Adelaide

- Kayne Turner's crunching tackle

Round 21 v Western Bulldogs

- Lindsay Thomas' huge leap
- Drew Petrie's chase-down tackle
- Ben Cunnington's casual checkside

Round 20 v GWS Giants

- Kayne Turner's bump
- Drew Petrie's deft tap
- Michael Firrito's 'Are you kidding!'
- Ben Cunnington's fend off

Round 19 v Geelong

- Lindsay Thomas' kamikaze jump

Round 16 v Hawthorn

- Drew Petrie's contested mark
- Drew Petrie's chase-down tackle
- Sam Wright's chase-down tackle

Round 14 v Melbourne

- Ben Brown's debut celebration

Round 12 v Richmond

- Brent Harvey's miraculous recovery
- Brent Harvey sits with the cheer squad

Round 11 v West Coast

- Todd Goldstein's clever tap
- Luke McDonald's courage

Round 10 v Geelong

- Lindsay Thomas' snap goal
- Ben Cunnington's fend off

Round 9 v Brisbane

- Majak Daw's big mark
- Lindsay Thomas' dummy
- Robbie Nahas' perfect tackle

Round 7 v Gold Coast

- Majak Daw's contested mark

Round 6 v Fremantle

- Brad McKenzie's perfect kick
- Drew Petrie's prequel to Frank the Tank
- Nick Dal Santo's smother

Round 5 v Collingwood

- Shaun Atley's dummy against Scott Pendlebury

Round 4 v Sydney

- Daniel Wells sells some candy
- Scott Thompson sells some candy
- Nick Dal Santo's silky footwork
- Lachlan Hansen's crunching tackle
- Michael Firrito's smother

Round 3 v Port Adelaide

- Aaron Mullett's smother
- Nick Dal Santo's smother
- Shaun Atley's one-handed mark

Round 2 v Western Bulldogs

- Jamie Macmillan's smother
- Scott Thompson's tackle
- Lachlan Hansen's courageous mark


Non-AFL match footage

- Brad Scott reacts #1
- Brad Scott reacts #2
- James Brayshaw on the marking bag
- Luke McDonald after being drafted
- Lachlan Hansen's fancy bounce

Round 23 v Collingwood

- Ben Cunnington's dummy
- Jamie Macmillan's behind the back gather

Round 22 v Hawthorn

- Brent Harvey outmarks Brian Lake

Round 21 v Essendon

- Brad McKenzie's perfect pass
- Nathan Grima's first goal celebration

Round 20 v Adelaide

- Leigh Adams' checkside goal

Round 19 v Geelong

- Ben Cunningtons' fend off
- Jack Ziebell's desperate dive

Round 17 v Carlton

- Lindsay Thomas dummies one opponent
- Lindsay Thomas dummies multiple opponents

Round 10 v St Kilda

- Drew Petrie's smother
- Drew Petrie's big mark

Round 7 v Western Bulldogs

- Scott McMahon's lunging smother
- Brent Harvey's left-foot snap

Round 6 v Port Adelaide

- James Brayshaw marks in the stands

Round 5 v Hawthorn

- Daniel Wells with the sidestep

Round 4 v Brisbane

- Drew Petrie's one-handed mark
- Majak Daw's debut mark

NAB Cup v Richmond

- Majak Daw's don't argue

NAB Cup v Melbourne

- Majak Daw's contested mark


Non-AFL match footage

- Patch in a Box

Round 20 v Essendon

- Brent Harvey's leaping mark
- Brent Harvey sells the dummy

Round 19 v Western Bulldogs

- Robbie Tarrant's left-foot snap

Round 17 v Richmond

- Lindsay Thomas' diving smother

Round 16 v Carlton

- Kieran Harper kicks Andrew Swallow

Round 15 v West Coast

- Jack Ziebell's fist pump

Round 14 v St Kilda

- Daniel Wells' sidestep

Round 9 v Brisbane

- Scott Thompson's smother
- Kieran Harper's goal

Round 3 v Geelong

- Kieran Harper's sidestep + goal