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Follow Swallow: Sydney

"His thumb got stuck in his pocket and he ended up ripping his pants."

10:41pm Apr 12, 2014


Follow Swallow: The return

It’s been a long time between drinks and I hope all my loyal readers have been keeping well.

9:27pm May 3, 2013


Follow Swallow: GWS

That's bordering on neglect and the DHS should be brought in to investigate in my opinion.

12:10pm Sep 1, 2012


Follow Swallow: Eagles

While we were waiting for West Coast to finish, I spotted Brett Allison winding back the clock and signing autographs.

12:04pm Jul 12, 2012


Follow Swallow: Gold Coast

The boys are pretty sure Aaron Mullett and Wrighty (Sam Wright) have been getting spray-tans for a while.

11:36am Jun 16, 2012


Follow Swallow

Scotty Thompson thought six weeks, to which Atts responded ‘I reckon it would be longer than that…more like a month.’

10:19pm May 18, 2012


Follow Swallow: Back Home

The boys have arrived in Perth safely and have settled in.

8:44pm May 5, 2012


Follow Swallow

The man more commonly known as Greg Sawn is a bit of a cult figure at the club, much like Adam Marranello.

11:21pm Apr 21, 2012


Follow Swallow: Hobart

On the trip down, it got a little bumpy at one stage and Sam Wright told one of the physios it made him car sick.

8:12pm Apr 7, 2012


Follow Swallow: NSW

Someone advertised my apartment in Port Melbourne as having a room available and I had about 20 calls.

2:29pm Mar 5, 2012