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Buried Treasure - new discoveries

May 19, 2016 5:00 PM

All ye footballer lovers beware! Thar be a band ‘o pirates lookin’ for vast riches at Arden Street ‘n some gems that be found gonna be in this here new blog ‘Buried Treasure’. So be on da lookout, ‘n don’t shout ye weren’t warned!

May 11: The Pirates have been keeping a low profile this year, but couldn't resist posting this...

Drew Petrie was said to be "a fabulous employee" at McDonald's before handing in his resignation to play at North.

February 11: They should actually be arrested for posting this.

benny_jacobs5 on Instagram: #ridealong2premiere

December 10: Darren Crocker was spotted on the track running with the players recently, but will we see the 48-year-old premiership player back in the Arden Street gym?

December 10: Brent Harvey has literally been caught with his pants down – the superstar posted this revealing pic on his official Facebook page saying:

“It was way too hot to study in pants during our builders course ... So I came up with a solution... Hahahaha”

December 10: Physio Dave Dawes is seen as somewhat of a superhero around the club.

October 6: Braydon Preuss is basking in North Queensland's recent NRL glory, posting his old pic with superstar Johnathan Thurston.

September 30: After a long season, the players are enjoying their break...

September 22: Spare a thought for club doctor Andy McMahon, who received a nasty surprise upon returning from Sydney.

September 16: The Pirates met UFC champion Ronda Rousey at Etihad Stadium - tune in to Channel 7 at 6:30pm on Saturday to see what happened.


September 11: Steve Saunders is always right on top of the health and wellbeing of the players but when it comes to his car, he’s not so good.

Check out what the boys at Superior Tyres found under his bonnet …

The possum was sound asleep and made a run for it when his hideout was discovered.

September 11: Jamie Macmillan deserves a red card for his soccer-inspired kit at training this week.

September 2: Our video producer Brock "Chicken" Cullen looks like he's auditioning for the next Ghostbusters movie with this equipment.

September 1: Aaron Mullett has been stocking up on Adidas boots - so much so he's run out of room in his locker.

August 25: If he didn't make it to the AFL, Ed Vickers-Willis had an aspiring career as a hair model. 

August 21: Jarrad Waite will do anything to avoid an ice bath.

August 19: Judging by the size of this towel, Michael Firrito doesn’t appear to have much to hide…

August 18: Ben Brown was exhausted after a trip to his home state.

August 17: The Pirates couldn’t help but notice just how much Nick Dal Santo enjoyed beating his old side on the weekend.

August 13: Former Kangaroo and now club staff member Donald McDonald was quite the fashionista in his playing days.

August 11: Shaun Higgins like you've never seen him before...

July 30: The Pirates are taking board games to a new level.

July 30: Two of the great AFL personalities. They'll be missed by all footy fans.

July 29: Shaun Higgins been dubbed the recruit of the year in AFL circles, but that doesn't make this behaviour acceptable.

July 29: Our team manager Lance Williams doesn't believe in packing light. It was just the one night in Brisvegas.

July 29: A baby-faced Kieran Harper.

July 20: Taylor Garner and Luke McDonald were left starstruck after a meeting with Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. 

July 15: Mason Wood is quite the fashionista.

June 30: Ben Brown has become known for making fashion statements with his mop of hair, but surely this takes the cake.

June 29: Spot Scott "Curly" Thompson from the 2005 South Barwon premiership team.

June 25: If Kayne "blue steel" Turner didn't get drafted, modelling was obviously his backup plan.

April 24: The Pirates are alarmed by Andrew Swallow's latest photo shoot for a hotel chain.

April 15: The partners of Jarrad Waite, Jack Ziebell, Brent Harvey, Lindsay Thomas and Lachlan Hansen are doing their bit for a good cause, taking part in the Stadium Stomp to raise money for The Leukaemia Foundation.

They'll be wearing the AFL's only club jumpers made for women.

Click here to donate

April 8: Separated at Birth? North’s favourite Channel 7 News cameraman, Damian Shine, has brought out his own range of Easter eggs.

March 18: Kudos to Ben Jacobs for his safety-first approach ahead of round one. 

March 13: Development Manager Gavin Brown would have been hoping this photo never emerged. It did. 

March 4: Majak Daw was left red-faced after confusing Crows' youngster Keenan Ramsay with captain Taylor Walker.

In his defence, there are some similarities.


Majak is famous for calling Craig Hutchison 'Shifter', referring to the AFL National Talent Manager Kevin Sheehan.

February 24:
The boys have wasted no time getting into the spirit of The World Cup.

February 22: The players have done plenty of hard yards in the pre-season, but it was cooking pizzas at a community visit that got the better of the skipper.

February 17: First Justin Bieber, now One Direction, Nick Dal Santo's music taste leaves a lot to be desired.

February 12: Club medico Steve Saunders is one of the best when it comes to treating soft-tissue injuries, so it was a shock to see him forced onto the sidelines due to injury.

February 10: Everyone knows Andrew Swallow is a proud skipper, but not many captains would parade around Bourke Street in their playing jumper.

February 1: North's new rookie reporter Giulio 'The George' Di Giorgio has done some good work during his short time at the club but some sense he's getting a bit ahead of himself.

January 23: Scotty Thompson was left red-faced after borrowing his wife's bike to go down to the shops this week. Despite it being just a 200m trip, he managed to stack it in a big way. He went over the handle bars when his thong got caught up in the spokes. Luckily he was only left with a few bruises and scratches, but his new thongs are write-offs.


January 12: The Pirates think North fans would love to don this suit, as modelled by physio Dave Dawes. 

November 10: The Pirates spotted some of Scott Thompson's prized treasure at the bottom of a drain. He dropped it while stepping out of his car.

November 7:
The Pirates are concerned by all the Puppy Love during the off-season.

November 3:
The Pirates think Michael Firrito makes a good Mario.

October 28:
The Pirates hear Nick Dal Santo is trying to start a new fashion trend.

October 23:
The Pirates are in danger of going out of fashion during the off-season.

October 21:
The Pirates couldn't imagine Darren Crocker with hair.... until they got their hands on this photo.  

September 26: The Pirates don't think Mason Wood has changed a bit since his younger days.

September 25:
There were some interesting uniforms on show at the players' end-of-season function.

September 10:
The Pirates have no words.

September 9:
If this Channel 9 mock-up is anything to go by, the Pirates think Ben Brown should keep his locks.

August 29: The Pirates hope assistant coach Josh Drummond doesn't get a big head after seeing himself on the website.

August 29: Daniel Wells may not be in Brad Scott's good books after he ate the coach's desert at the Blackwoods inner sanctum event.

August 28: Kayne Turner's flat top has drawn comparisons with movie star Dolph Lundgren.

August 27: Ben Brown broke his finger earlier in the year and as a result, he struggles to feed himself.  

August 21: North rookie Tim McGenniss is taking advantage of a rare sunny day during winter.

August 19:Andrew Swallow thought the Lemon Meringue was a wee bit sour at a recent Blackwoods function.

August 15: The Pirates have invented a new game to pass the time - skateboard bowling.

August 14:
The Pirates think Nick Dal Santo may have a case 'Bieber Fever' after following the musician on Instagram.

August 13:
The Pirates’ have real issues with the style choices of these three.

August 12: N
orth marketing coordinator Kaitlyn Doherty is back in the spotlight, again thanks to her boyfriend Luke ‘Flushrubs’ Thomas. First he threw her into a Twitter stoush with UK celebrity Piers Morgan, now he’s landed her in it again with a photo on Facebook. The pair was at Movie World on the Gold Coast and as you may have guessed due to her expression, Kait isn’t one for rides. This moment was captured on the Superman attraction which brought her to tears. She told the Pirates “I hate the rides but I’m alright once I’m off them.”

August 12:
We said it once but we'll say it again, JMac has lost the plot.

August 12:
The Pirates hear the club's Facilities man Chris 'Apples' Appla is the latest staff member to resort to trackies after splitting his suit pants in the office.

August 6:
The Pirates uncovered this beauty of 'Pup' with pups.

August 6:
Membership guru Roberto 'Kvitova' Privitera was left with a black eye after a heavy fall in the ice-skating rink.

August 5:
North Melbourne marketing coordinator Kaitlyn Doherty has made international headlines after her boyfriend and former club chief deep tissue manipulator Luke 'Flushrubs' Thomas attacked British journalist and television host Piers Morgan on Twitter. Flushy Tweeted to Morgan, "ever got anything nice to say oxygen thief" to which the celebrity replied, "yes, your girlfriend's way too good for you".

The stoush has been a hit on social media and was even picked up by The LADbible on Facebook which has close to three million likes.

August 1:
Jamie Macmillan has taken 'junners' to a new level.

July 31:
Pirate Jamie Macmillan has gone loopy since breaking his leg.

July 30:
The Pirates were alerted to a remarkable discovery on a North football forum, courtesy of 'KangaRooster' - a passionate young fan named Luke.

July 29:
The Pirates have questioned Andrew Swallow’s need to use a shower cap.

July 18:
The Pirates noticed Lachlan Hansen and Ben Jacobs have become very close team-mates.

July 17:
The Pirates have banned Tim McGenniss from playing golf and going out in public for that matter until he takes fashion more seriously.

July 17:
The Pirates were amazed by the skills of young magician Bailey Ackland. But they've also got some tricks of their own.

Watch the 'card tricks' video | YouTube

July 16: The Pirates were alerted to this billboard of the club's Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Meehan. Apparently the photo was taken five years ago for a plumbing company, and he's still receiving royalties!

July 15:
Taylor Garner has been working as a part-time TV chef since injuring his hammy.

July 10:
The Pirates could swear they spotted a 'Where's Wally?' star at training on Wednesday.

July 9:
The Pirates reckon Boomer is a dead-ringer for Sam Worthington.

July 9:
The Pirates have another photo for the "crap hat" folder.

July 7:
The Pirates have never rated Scott McMahon's fashion sense. This is why.

July 3:
Sometimes Pirates get cold out at sea...really cold.

July 3: The Pirates have heard Andrew Swallow is in the doghouse after losing his wedding ring. Luckily our friends at Mazda found it in the centre console of his CX-9, but only after he experienced a few days of panic. Turns out he left it inside when he changed the CX-9 for a brand new Mazda 6.

July 2: The Pirates' reckon the makers of these dolls created Boomer's at lifesize proportions.  


June 27:
The Pirates are delighted Taylor Garner signed a new contract. He'd been eyeing a new deal for a while.

June 26:
Jamie Macmillan has taken the lead in the 'Most Disgraceful Hat' competition. Majak is now second.

June 25:
Are the Pirates seeing things? No, this is not Levi Greenwood as The Footy Record suggests. If you can't trust this publication - who can you trust?

June 24:
The Pirates' Jamie Macmillan was a little jealous at all the love for Ben Brown on Sunday. So he photo-bombed the Brown's family portrait.

June 20:
The Pirates spotted Taylor Garner with a spray tan after becoming the latest Kanga Lotto victim.

June 19:
The Pirates have discovered that Kayne Turner was in fact trying to get his hair like Andrew Swallow's, not Travis Fimmel from Vikings. The Pirates would also like to tell Andrew to never get this haircut again.

June 18:
The Pirates don't like seeing Nick Dal Santo in horizontal stripes.. or with a bowl cut.

June 17:
The Pirates had always wondered why Sam Wright never replied to emails...then they saw his inbox alert on his iPhone screen.

June 16:
He is called “The Beast” now, but there was a time when Eric Wallace looked harmless.

June 11:
It's come to the Pirates' attention that Michael Firrito is somewhat of a genius when it comes to fantasy football.

'Spud' was on top of the world after this week's results.

June 10: The Pirates' fame is being overshadowed by an imposter. At training on Saturday, the man who starred in Man vs Majak, website guru Rob Burton, was seen posing for photos with supporters. One fan apparently said to him, "I have to get your photo, my wife loves you!"

May 31:
The Pirates spotted James Brayshaw making the trip across the Nullarbor in style - on the back of a camel.

May 29: Pirates love wine but we're not sure about Jarred Bulldog Moore releasing his own label.

May 28:
Tim McGenniss was found by the Pirates sleeping at the club this morning.

May 27:
The Pirates are of the belief a captain should always set the right example... by not wearing their wife's coat around the club.

May 16:
The Pirates want to know exactly what North receptionist Amy is doing with all the sticky tape. She recently ordered three 1000 metre rolls - yes, three kilometres worth. She's clearly up to no good.

May 14:
The Pirates had social media guru Ricardo "Spiro" Mangidis re-enact the face he pulled after he split his suit pants at work. You can see the shocked look on his face. He was forced to go to the Roo Shop and get some tracksuit pants as replacements but didn’t think to borrow any runners, sticking with his dress shoes instead.

May 8: The Pirates reckon Majak Daw was brave to go out in public wearing that hat.

May 7: The Pirates' Jamie Macmillan was late to the training meeting after spilling coffee on the video desk.

May 7: The Pirates will be taking this up with Tim McGenniss. It's just not on.

May 1: The Pirates hear the Firrito's baby Lenny isn't a fan of high notes.

May 1:
The Pirates know Andrew Swallow wouldn't have wanted this photo getting out.

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