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9:38am  Apr 20, 2018

Finding the goals

Ricky Mangidis  March 17, 2017 4:03 PM

The battle to lead the club’s goal-kicking will be on in 2017, with multiple candidates for the honour.

Three players currently on North Melbourne’s list have led the club before; Ben Brown in 2016, Jarrad Waite in 2015 and Lindsay Thomas in 2013.

The trio will be important once again this season, but there are also several more Roos who will spend plenty of time around goal.

When Mason Wood returns, he will be relied upon in front of the big sticks, while the likes of Majak Daw and Shaun Higgins have demonstrated they can each kick bags.

If you guess North’s leading goal-kicker for 2017 correctly, you could win a club media polo from The Roo Shop, valued at $90.


North’s leading goal kickers

2016 – Ben Brown: 41.17
2015 – Drew Petrie: 42.24 and Jarrad Waite: 42.17
2014 – Drew Petrie: 50.37
2013 – Lindsay Thomas: 53.19


- Guess the 22 for Round 1 and win
- Who will be the top three in the Syd Barker Medal?
- Who will be Shinboner #1000?

- Entries close on March 23 at 6:00pm EST
- If there is more than one correct guess, the winner will be selected at random

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