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Petrie ready to fire up

Drew Petrie was "mentally drained" in the last round of the season but is adamant he can fire up in finals.

9:28pm Sep 4, 2016

Thinking of the future

The future of North Melbourne was at the front of Drew Petrie’s mind on Friday at Arden Street

2:13pm Aug 26, 2016

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197 cm
101 kg
2018 AFL Fantasy Points

Player Bio

At A Glance

Junior club: Ballarat
Recruited from: North Ballarat U18
Draft: #23, 2000 National
Debut: Round 1, 2001 v Essendon


- Strong contested mark
- Ability to play multiple positions

Jumper Club Members

- Megan & Wayne Goldspink
- Benton Family
- Jill, Laura & David Edmonds

Background: Pre-NMFC

From Ballarat, Drew Petrie was regarded as a promising key position prospect in the 2000 draft class.

He was selected with a draft pick acquired by North Melbourne in a trade with Adelaide. The Kangaroos received pick 23 in return for Evan Hewitt and opted to bring Petrie to Arden Street.

The 197cm Petrie was seen as a player who could play as a key forward or back who also had the ability to spend time in the ruck.

Season by Season

Season by Season

Mid-season, from Shane Watson

"Drew's still playing key forward but he's come up the ground a lot more than he has. He's gone behind the ball at different times and held up playing down back late in quarters, most notably against Essendon.

"He's done a little bit of everything throughout a game and arguably he would’ve kicked more goals if he was playing a bit closer to goal.

"We're happy with his offensive output, but his defensive output has been the standout of his game."

Second half of 2015, from Shane Watson

“By his own admission, he had a slow start before accelerating in the second half of the year.

“He still does a mountain of work. He kicked his goals and for a key position forward, he still defended really well.

“He led that forward line really well, and was able to set a good example for the two new guys who came in (Waite & Higgins).”


Drew Petrie led North Melbourne’s goal-kicking for the fourth time in his career in 2014, notching 50 majors from his 25 games.

The veteran key-forward had a slow start to the year, kicking only seven goals in his first eight games. The struggles coincided with the team’s general decrease in attacking output, but the vice-captain rose with his side as the year progressed.

Petrie kicked at least one goal in each of his last 20 games for the year, and had he replicated his accuracy of previous years, would have sailed to a career best total in a season.

Working with a first year forward in Ben Brown, the duo formed a threatening combination close to goal, with Aaron Black playing up the field. The increased offensive firepower allowed North to notch some higher scores towards the end of the season.

Since Petrie became a full time forward in 2011, he has kicked 204 goals – the fifth most in the AFL over that time span.


Mid-season, from Brett Allison

“When our players have no option on, they know they can bang the ball long and they’ll get a contest from him. He’s our beacon, our biggest and strongest key forward.

“Sometimes he gets wrapped up a little by opposition defenders so it’s about being able to keep moving to prevent that.

“It can be a tough balancing act between being that key forward in the contest and still moving enough to stop the key defender from locking him up.”

End of season review

Perhaps Petrie’s best two performances in the second half of the season were in close losses, as he gave his all trying to help his side across the line.

From Round 10 through to 17, he played seven consecutive games with 100 per cent game time, showing off his durability.


Early in the season Petrie struggled to have the same impact as the previous year. However the forward was still finding ways to get on the scoreboard, kicking a respectable 12 goals in the first seven games.

From this point he turned on an impressive feat of goal kicking form, managing 46 in the final 15 matches despite being used as a decoy on multiple occasions.

Petrie kicked 23 goals between Rounds 16 and 19 to temporarily lead the Coleman Medal. His final tally of 58 goals was the highest of his career and pushed him past 250 career goals.


With a full pre-season behind him, Petrie was set for a return in the season opener until he was suspended in the NAB Cup.

Petrie quickly announced himself as one of the premier forwards of the competition with six goals against Richmond in Round 5. Despite North losing on the day, its forward structure was now set for the foreseeable future.

Petrie was only goalless on four occasions throughout the season in one of the best years of his career. It was recognised with a third place finish in the Syd Barker Medal.


After a decade of largely injury-free football, Petrie endured a horrible succession of foot injuries in 2010 which limited him to just two games.

He played his first game for the year in Round 10 and successfully completed it, however pulled up sore and was forced to sit on the sideline until Round 15.

In his comeback against Sydney, he once again broke a bone in his foot. Courageously playing deep in the goal square, it was his final game for the season as he went in for surgery.


By the numbers

  • 2018 Season Average
    Games Played
    • Kicks
    • Handballs
    • Disposals
    • Marks
    • Hit-Outs
    • Tackles
    • Goals
    • AFL Fantasy

2018 Highlights

Statistics Best Opponent Round
Kicks 0 - -
Handballs 0 - -
Disposals 0 - -
Marks 0 - -
Hit-outs 0 - -
Tackles 0 - -
Goals 0 - -
AFL Fantasy 0 - -

2018 Season Breakdown

Rd Opponent Result K H D M HO FF FA T G B AF
TOTAL W: 0 - L: 0

By the numbers

  • Career Average
    Games Played 332
    • Kicks 8.6
    • Handballs 3.7
    • Disposals 12.3
    • Marks 5.4
    • Hit-Outs 4.2
    • Tackles 2.7
    • Goals 1.3
    • AFL Fantasy 72.1

Career Highlights

Statistics Best Opponent Round
Kicks 21 Western Bulldogs Rd 17, 2011
Handballs 12 Hawthorn Rd 13, 2008
Disposals 27 Geelong Cats Rd 17, 2006
Marks 14 Gold Coast Suns Rd 12, 2012
Hit-outs 26 Collingwood Rd 16, 2008
Tackles 10 Adelaide Crows Rd 17, 2005
Goals 7 Richmond Rd 17, 2012
AFL Fantasy 146 Western Bulldogs Rd 17, 2011

Career Breakdown

Season Club K H D M HO FF FA T G B AF


Frees For
Frees Against
AFL Fantasy points


Individual Stats

- Disposals: 5
- Contested disposals: 4
- Hit-outs: 3
- Inside 50's: 2

Individual Stats

- Disposals: 11
- Frees for: 4
- Goals: 1
- Time on Ground: 100%

Individual Stats

- Disposals: 18
- Marks: 12
- One percenters: 5
- Time on Ground: 100%

Individual Stats

- Disposals: 15
- Hit-outs: 18
- Tackles: 4
- Time on Ground: 88%

Individual Stats

- Disposals: 13
- Goals: 2
- Frees for: 5
- Time on Ground: 97%

Individual Stats

- Disposals: 15
- Goals: 2
- Inside 50's: 3
- Time on Ground: 98%

Individual Stats

- Disposals: 11
- Marks: 4
- Goals: 2
- Time on Ground: 96%

NMFC Debut

Round 1, 2001 v Essendon

North Melbourne: 3.1.19, 4.3.27, 6.6.42, 9.7.61
Essendon: 7.2.44, 9.5.59, 15.6.96, 23.8.146

50th Game

Round 9, 2004 v Melbourne

North Melbourne: 2.2.14, 4.5.29, 8.9.57, 11.12.78
Melbourne: 3.5.23, 7.10.52, 11.14.80, 13.18.96

100th Game

Round 16, 2006 v Adelaide
AAMI Stadium

North Melbourne: 1.3.9, 4.4.28, 6.8.44, 7.10.52
Adelaide: 4.3.27, 7.6.48, 14.7.91, 19.10.124

150th Game

Round 19, 2008 v Western Bulldogs
Etihad Stadium

North Melbourne: 6.5.41, 11.6.72, 15.7.97, 21.10.136
Western Bulldogs: 2.3.15, 5.4.34, 11.7.73, 18.8.116

200th Game

Round 1, 2012 v Essendon
Etihad Stadium

North Melbourne: 4.3.27, 8.5.53, 10.10.70, 15.12.102
Essendon: 3.2.20, 9.8.62, 13.14.92, 14.20.104

250th Game

Round 6, 2014 v Fremantle
Patersons Stadium

North Melbourne: 2.4.16, 5.6.36, 7.11.53, 10.14.74
Fremantle: 4.4.28, 6.8.44, 8.8.56, 8.13.61

300th game

Round 7, 2016 v St Kilda
Etihad Stadium

North Melbourne: 4.5.29, 6.8.44, 9.12.66, 11.16.82
St Kilda: 2.3.15, 3.7.25, 7.7.49, 11.9.75