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Shaw expects team-first focus

Rhyce Shaw doesn't want his players targeting Ben Brown at the expense of better options against Melbourne.

4:22pm Aug 23, 2019

Gallery: Round 23 open training

Check out the best photos from Friday afternoon's best open training session at Blundstone Arena.

4:12pm Aug 23, 2019

The North Melbourne Football Club is a proud, family friendly club that seeks to ensure all supporters enjoy the football in a friendly and safe environment.

Whilst barracking and supporting the players is a part of the game, offensive language and behaviour is not and won’t be tolerated.

For the enjoyment of all patrons, North Melbourne expects supporters to:

- Be considerate of others
- Conduct themselves in a manner that does not harm the reputation of the club
- Obey any terms of entry at a venue, including bag inspections, prohibited and restricted items

North Melbourne considers the following to be inappropriate:

- Excessive alcohol consumption
- Smoking inside the venue
- Racial taunts
- Threatening behaviour
- Offensive language, gestures or behaviour towards other patrons and players
- Any form of abuse, physical or verbal
- Any form of discrimination or harassment
- Damage to property
- Bronx cheers

Any person that does not obey this code of conduct may be removed from the stadium and may incur suspension of membership, depending on the severity of the behaviour.

Please advise security if you experience any difficulties with the behaviour of other patrons, and they will act appropriately to address the issue.

Alternatively, we recommend utilising the 'Dob in a Hoon' initiative at Etihad Stadium.

Patrons can SMS the nature of the problem and location to 0427 767 768. This number is immediately responded to by Event Control. Patrons are able to discretely report issues by using this service.