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Want to boost your confidence and make new friends? Want to get fit or learn more about The Huddle's Active Boys and Active Girls sports programs that build team skills and boost your self-confidence?

Our programs cater for boys and girls across a range of sport and recreation activities including: Australian football, basketball, soccer, netball, tennis, hockey, fitness sessions, cricket and cycling.

All of our sport and recreation programs are free and aim to:

- Improve self-esteem
- Improve health and wellbeing
- Increase social connections
- Provide new pathways for participants with a focus on education outcomes


School visits
The Huddle facilitates regular school visits to the North Melbourne Football Club. Visits usually run for two to three hours and include a classroom information session that provide students with insights into the inner workings of an AFL Club and information about careers within the sporting industry. Students will also participate in a sport and recreation session & have the opportunity to watch NMFC players train.

School sport & recreation sessions
The Huddle utilises the Arden St Oval & North Melbourne Recreation Centre to deliver sport and recreation sessions for schools with limited access to sport and rec facilities. The sessions are delivered by trained Huddle & NMFC staff and provide students with access to a range of different sports.

Next Generation in schools

The Next Generation in Schools (NGS) program is an initiative developed by the North Melbourne Football Club aimed at inspiring passion and participation for football amongst boys and girls across the cities of Melbourne & Wyndham and the state of Tasmania. Through varying school based offerings, the NGS program looks to engage with students from Prep through to Year 9 in the schoolyard, the classroom and after school.

Welcome to AFL

The Huddle’s Welcome to AFL is a group participation activity that community groups & international students unfamiliar with AFL the opportunity to learn the basics of Australia’s native game. Participants get a crash course in the basics rules and history of the AFL, a chance to practice their newly acquired skills on Arden Street Oval & complimentary tickets to attend an NMFC home game at Etihad Stadium.

Drop-in Sports

The Huddle provides spaces in North Melbourne and Wyndham for young people to have access to state of the art facilities to play a range of different sports in a safe and social environment. Drop In Sports gives young people of all ages the opportunity to access sports facilities outside of school hours.

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Active Girls

Active Girls is our GIRLS only sports program that provides a fun and safe environment for young people to participate in sports. Participants have the opportunity to try a range of different sports and at the same time learn new skills to be able keep fit and healthy.

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Active Boys

Active Boys is our BOYS only sports program that provides a space for young people to try new sports and learn the skills and knowledge to keep fit and healthy. The program is designed around the needs of the participants and ensures a safe and active environment. 

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Game Changers

An eight week careers and skills program using sport as the common theme. The program aims to introduce young local people to the concepts of participation in a mainstream sport as well as educate and equip them to pursue jobs and career paths in the sport, fitness and recreation sector. It is hoped that by providing meaningful opportunities they will grow in confidence and develop and practice leadership skills within their own communities via participation in sport or employment.

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