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Singehebhuye shines

Huddle participant, Eangano Singehebhuye, has been recognised nationally for his outstanding leadership among the community.

4:45pm Nov 8, 2019


PM praises The Huddle

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has praised The Huddle’s achievements, as well as its founder, Peter Scanlon.

10:25am Nov 1, 2019


Vanuatu’s Kangaroos

With the help of Hope Education, there are a new population of Kangaroos in Vanuatu.

2:19pm Oct 21, 2019


Huddle goes to Harvard

School Holidays are over, and it isn’t just the kids who are headed back to school, but The Huddle’s CEO as well.

2:42pm Oct 10, 2019


The Huddle goes on safari

The Kangaroos weren’t the only ones bouncing with joy over the school holidays.

10:55am Oct 8, 2019


Macmillan goes extra mile

Well known for his exploits on the football field, North Melbourne defender Jamie Macmillan is doing just as much off it.

4:16pm Oct 7, 2019


Making learning fun

As a professional footballer, Emma Kearney knows all too well the value of learning and continuing to improve.

10:30am Sep 5, 2019


Recognising excellence

North and the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation joined forces to co-fund the Shinboner Award.

3:13pm Sep 3, 2019


Success on the menu

It’s a recipe for success; bringing mothers and their children together through food.

9:03am Aug 16, 2019


Let it snow!

The magic of young students experiencing snow for the first time was the pinnacle of The Huddle's school holiday program.

3:16pm Aug 6, 2019


Kings of the court

Sport is powerful, and for The Huddle's Hanad Hersi, it’s what kept his life on track.

4:29pm Jul 24, 2019


Crocker coaching the future

Premiership player Darren Crocker knows a thing or two about coaching and elite sport.

3:52pm Jul 23, 2019


Finding greener pastures

Arden St oval is a far cry from the red dust playing surfaces in Papunya, Northern Territory.

3:17pm Jul 22, 2019


Kearney’s new direction

Emma Kearney says her role as the captain of the Kangaroos will make her a better educator.

3:40pm Jul 19, 2019


The midnight run

It was the middle of the night and Hassan Nur Hussein was anxious as he made a touch decision.

4:00pm Jul 15, 2019