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The value of "belonging"

"We celebrate and reflect on our proud shared history with Australia's First Peoples."

5:32pm Feb 7, 2019


Sounds of a good day

Normally the sound of a police siren spells bad news, but it signalled something completely different.

2:24pm Jan 25, 2019


The next generation of stars

A 14-year-old boy wearing Jed Anderson’s number three jumper stepped out onto the lush footy field.

9:09am Jan 24, 2019


The Huddle lands an ace

The Huddle’s amazing employees brought 20 kids to the Australian Open earlier this week.

3:19pm Jan 22, 2019


Our Watch Ambassadors

Ben and Hester Brown have made a pledge to supporting gender equality and fighting against domestic violence.

3:30pm Dec 13, 2018


AFLW: Community Camp

The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos travelled to Tasmania for a community and training camp.

1:31pm Dec 12, 2018


Spirit Grows

The Spirit Award is designed to recognise students for their commitment to contributing to the improvement of the broader community.

9:45am Dec 11, 2018


Dreaming Big

Born in Somalia, Fadumo Mohamed moved to Australia three years ago speaking no English.

4:45pm Dec 3, 2018


Another great year

2018 was another big year for North Melbourne’s award-winning community not for profit, The Huddle.

11:00am Jan 14, 2019


Shinboners unite

Darren Crocker is part of a group of Shinboners uniting to walk for a special cause.

3:02pm Nov 9, 2018


Macmillan’s helping hand

A trek to a remote Northern Territory community that was enough to recharge Jamie Macmillan’s batteries.

9:52am Nov 2, 2018


North's work recognised

North Melbourne and The Huddle have been nominated for two Vic Health Awards.

3:20pm Oct 24, 2018


AniMATES – Creating Change

Over forty students have been been developing short videos that address the issue of discrimination.

4:11pm Oct 19, 2018


North’s big investment

North Melbourne’s community arm, The Huddle, will look to further strengthen its award-winning work.

4:53pm Oct 18, 2018


Arden St. Spring Holiday

There was many heart-warming moments during the week-long Huddle spring school holiday program.

2:49pm Oct 16, 2018