Huddle Holidays participants channeled their creativity this week for the ON TRACK Song Writing Session, with Mushroom Group and three local musicians.

The session was led by Melbourne-based Hip Hop artist MC Mantra, with the close assistance of singer-songwriter Ed Moon and Afro-Aus producer/artist Françoistunes. Each artist bringing their own unique skillset and experience to the day.

The vibey beat that was the centre of the day’s activities was produced by François in his own home.

Over two hours the songwriting session went through the steps to take when songwriting, such as what a chorus and verse are, freestyling, a rhyme scheme workshop, finding a beat and delving into your stream of consciousness. The participants and musical mentors came together to create a group track, before setting off on their own lyrical journey.

François stated, “If you keep trying you’ll get better, just like an athlete.”

After workshopping different ideas, vibes and lyrics for their own songs, participants were encouraged to share their final song. As the session had created such a safe and supportive space for the young people, multiple participants felt comfortable and confident enough to present their song lyrics to the group alongside the musicians works. 

Ed Moon gave some sound advice, “When you get over the roadblocks and put the saboteur to the side, you are able to write things down, put together your ideas and that’s when it starts to happen like we are seeing here today.”

Young people Aaliya, Benjamin, Tilak and Tayseer shared their songs, each of them garnering overwhelming support from the mentors, The Huddle staff and fellow participants. The honest emotion and rawness in each of their songs was admired and appreciated by everyone involved.

MC Mantra said, “This is one of the best parts of our job, hearing these incredible things young people make.”