With his vocal presence on the training track and the addition of the North Melbourne Kangaroos’ newest draftees into training, it’s easy to forget Callum Coleman-Jones is still very much one of the new kids on the block. 

The Trade Period recruit is just 22, but is already showing the maturity and on-field leadership qualities that will hold him in good stead for a long future at North Melbourne.

Having crossed from Richmond, 'CJ' is set to move into a house closer to his new home of Arden Street, and he’s set to be joined by one of North’s newest young stars.

He says he’s looking forward to imparting some of his knowledge and experience on his new housemate.

“Me and Jase (the club's No.1 draft pick Horne-Francis) are going to move into a place in North Melbourne in a week or two. It’ll be exciting,” Coleman-Jones told North Media.

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Coleman-Jones: 'I feel part of the group already' (December 1, 2021)

Trade week recruit Callum Coleman-Jones chats to North Media in week two of pre-season as he gets used to life at Arden Street and prepares to move in with Jason Horne-Francis.

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“It’s his first time living out of home so I’m sure I can show him the ropes a little bit and show him what it’s like to be a professional footballer.

“I’m sure we’ll do a fair bit of cooking together, and get into the club together. It’ll be exciting.”

Equally as capable in the ruck as in the forward line, Coleman-Jones looms as a key prospect on North’s list. His age coupled with his natural size and strength put him in a strong position to leave his mark on this young side.

While he’s spent most of his AFL career playing in the forward line, he says he’s targeting a bigger role in the middle of the ground as his career progresses.

“My first couple of years in the system I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing a forward/ruck role, but I think I can develop into more of a ruck/forward,” he said.

“Working with ‘X’ (Tristan Xerri) has been great in the first couple of weeks. [With] another pre-season in the gym getting stronger and learning my craft even more, that’s where I see myself going forward.

“We’ve got a good group of young blokes here and we’re really pushing each other on the track.

“I feel like we’re really building something as a group and it’s really exciting. I feel part of the group already, so I’ve been loving it.”