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My training: Ben Warren

Exciting young forward Ben Warren takes some time out to talk through his most recent training session at Arden Street. Viewing his latest performance on the track through the camera lens, Warren explains exactly what was going on when he was snapped.

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“At this stage we’re about half way through our two-hour session and I’m trying to get as much rest a possible in the forward pocket before it’s my turn to go again. Today’s session was pretty solid and Darren Crocker was in charge because Brad is overseas for a couple of weeks. He had us doing full ground drills which required lots of running, but the weather was perfect for it. Crock’s drills involved a lot of game type running and not just running laps so I was pretty pleased about that. I’m running alright at the moment and I’ve definitely improved on last year. I’ve put on about five kilos and have had to adapt a little but I’m happy with where my fitness is at.”

“I was matched up on Luke Delaney a fair bit today. He’s a big bloke and extremely strong and we both try to expose each other’s weaknesses. In this photo I’ve been able to get him on a pretty strong lead by using a bit of pace. It’s obviously crucial that the ball is delivered well and Gavin Urquhart sent this one inside fifty if I remember correctly. It was a perfect hit…right on the money. Luke had no chance!”

“Okay, this photo is the opposite of the last one obviously. This time, Luke has me absolutely cooked. It was a one-on-one situation and I didn’t stand a chance because the ball was kicked to his advantage. He is way too big and strong for me in this situation and it’s a part of my game that I’m trying to work on. That means time in the gym. He simply worked me under the ball and then pushed back and took the mark. All I could do is watch!"

"This is poetry in motion…Daniel Wells like! It is a bit weird looking at a photo of me kicking but I’m pretty sure this ball hit the mark! The arms are out on either side to help me balance and the drop looks okay onto the foot."