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Pick 36: Ed Vickers-Willis

PRESS PLAY above to watch Vickers-Willis' highlights. From the Sandringham Dragons, Vickers-Willis can play in the backline or midfield.
With its final pick in the 2014 National Draft, North Melbourne selected Ed-Vickers Willis from the Sandringham Dragons.

Height: 190cm
Recruited from:
Sandringham Dragons

Bryce Lewis says: “We see him as a 190 centimetre midfield type. He certainly played midfield for the Sandringham Dragons, both as a winger and a bit of time in the middle.

“At National level he was a bit of a trouble shooter for his team, playing back with the ability to go on talls or smalls and get the job done.

“He offers some versatility and we think he’s got the capacity to develop into a midfielder at this level.” says: Tall defender with excellent athleticism. Makes good decisions defensively when spoiling or marking, as well as setting up play. Adapted to various roles this year, playing deep in defence, across half-back and tagging in midfield. Recorded a score of 26/30 in the kicking test at the NAB AFL Draft Combine. Had consistent NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 16 touches at 81 per cent efficiency in five matches and winning All Australian honours.

Sandringham Dragons talent manager Ryan O'Connor to The Weekly Review Bayside (September 1)

“He (Vickers-Willis) has had a fantastic year.

“He missed a lot of his 16s’ year and he had to do a lot of rehab in his bottom-age year, so he was behind the eight-ball.

“He seems to handle whatever is put in front of him. He’s up for the challenge and he believes that he is a better player when he is challenged.”

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