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Dumont on the mend

"These procedures won’t impact (Trent Dumont's) pre-season too much."

After a debut year and plenty of highlights, Trent Dumont will be aiming for bigger and better things in 2016.

But in order for the 20-year-old to build on his first eight AFL games, North’s medical team had to book him in for two bouts of hip surgery.

“Trent experienced some very low-level discomfort during the season but nothing that was serious enough to prevent him from playing,” North Director of Football Geoff Walsh told

“At the end of every season there are always a number of players that require some medical intervention and Trent was one of those.

“He had an arthroscope on his left hip on Tuesday and will require another scope on his right side next week, but these procedures won’t impact his pre-season too much.

“The outcome of these operations will in fact, give him a greater range of motion next season.”

Dumont posted a picture on his Instagram account after the first successful operation and commented, “I’m looking forward to the road to recovery, and a big pre-season to set myself up for a big 2016 season with the boys!”

The South Australian midfielder averaged ten disposals in this season's AFL appearances.