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2016 Review: Braydon Preuss

Braydon Preuss earned a two-year contract and promotion to the senior list.

With North’s 2016 season now complete, takes a look at the performance of each player this year.

Statistics, a coach review, season highlights and much more are all covered below.

In his second year at Arden St, the 207-centimetre rookie-listed ruckman developed strongly.

Able to improve in multiple areas of his game, Preuss’ efforts were rewarded with a new two-year contract and promotion to the senior list.

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Games: 16
Hit-outs: 526
Disposals: 136
Tackles: 78

Season highlights

VFL Round 6: 43 hit-outs, 10 disposals v Box Hill
VFL Round 14: 69 hit-outs, 11 disposals, 8 marks v Port Melbourne


“I wouldn’t have had the game I had (in the same situation last year). There were so many stoppages and I would have been weak at the contest.” – Preuss in July after a strong showing against Port Melbourne in the mud

What the coach said – Development Coach David Loader

“Preussy made big strides. His ruck work in the last four or five weeks of the year was exceptionally good; his centre bounce stuff especially.

“He trained hard to get his timing right with his jump and using his big frame properly in a contest.

“He’s still got plenty of areas he’s got to work on with his spread but his tap work was good. He’s got soft hands so he’s able to hit in all directions and that became a real strength late in the year.

“He was able to put himself in the slot a little more to try and get his hands on the footy in marking contests.

“Instead of three or four (contested) marking attempts in the first half of the year, he was getting eight to 10 later on in the year, which is a real positive sign and something that’s required for a guy who’s 207 centimetres.

“He was able to find himself getting involved in the game a little more, rather than just at the stoppage. It was a good growth year for him.”