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2016 Review: Daniel Nielson

"He’s always been able to play on an opponent, stop them one-on-one, that’s his strength."

With North’s 2016 season complete, analyses the performance of each player by using statistics, a coach review, season highlights and much more.

After a knee injury wiped out Nielson’s 2015, he returned to action for Werribee in 2016.

The key defender played eight games in the VFL seniors and a handful more for the development side.

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Games: 8
Disposals: 72
Marks: 28


“Obviously you are thinking about it a fair bit while you’re in rehab, you’re like ‘will I even remember how to play football?’ … Being out there, it probably took me half a quarter or a quarter just to sort of get a bit of touch.” – Nielson on his long-awaited comeback in May

What the coach said – Ben Dyer

“He spent a bit of time back at the development level when we actually had a lot of key defenders available.

“Given that he’d missed a year with the knee and he hadn’t been back long at that stage, it didn’t matter as much because the objective was just to get him out there playing again.

“For Dan it was all about trying to get him to play a little more proactively. He’s always been able to play on an opponent, stop them one-on-one, that’s his strength.

“For him to play AFL footy he’s going to have to play as part of a back six, come off, spoil and do all those things that are important.

“That was his focus and by the end of the year he was able to make improvements in that area.

“We haven’t needed him to push for AFL selection this season, so it afforded him the chance to develop at the lower level for the year and work on parts of his game.”