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Walker’s perfect cross

PRESS PLAY above to watch the Will Walker interview. Will Walker speaks to following his first main training session at Arden Street.

Most footballers spend their entire lives dedicated to improving their game in the hope of earning a spot on an AFL list, but for Will Walker, being drafted has only been two years in the making.

Walker, who was recruited to North Melbourne with pick 23 in last week’s draft, was on track to become a soccer star, before his love for footy re-emerged at the age of 16.

“So I was playing (soccer) down at Dandenong and it was a big new TAC Cup equivalent league, so it was sort of like a rep league almost, and then at the end of my Under-15 season we all went our separate ways,” Walker told

“I thought why not give footy an opportunity because all my best mates at school played, and I just thought why not?”

The 18-year-old played football intermittently throughout his teens, but caught the eye of TAC Cup side Sandringham Dragons as soon as he returned to the sport full-time.

“I didn’t really take (footy) that seriously until about 16, 17. I played a bit of local footy at Hampton, and I got invited to the Dragons down at Sandringham, and then I’ve sort of gone from there,” Walker said.

Friday night’s news came as a huge relief to the youngster, who was rapt to be selected by North.

“So I was just at my next-door neighbour’s house because they were all out and we didn’t have Foxtel so we went over there and watched that,” Walker said.

“I was sort of watching, sort of guessing a few kids who would go early and at 23 I was lucky enough to get called out, and I had absolutely no idea. When they called my name out I couldn’t have been happier.”

Even though the midfielder hasn’t been been playing footy for anywhere near as long as his new teammates, he’s certainly felt comfortable at Arden Street.

“Yeah it’s really, really fun. All the boys are really welcoming and I couldn’t imagine to be at a better club, so I’m really, really stoked,” Walker added.

“Monday we just watched, Tuesday did a bit of weights, and today we were fully into it, so they just saw how we go.

“I can’t wait for Friday to have a bit of a hit-out then.”

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