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VFL: Bringing experience

VFL: Meet Stroobants (Feb 16, 2018) Steve Stroobants, part of the VFL leadership groups talks up his plans for the year.

After spending the past three years playing at Rochester in the Goulburn Valley league, Steve Stroobants is excited to join North’s VFL squad, and is looking forward to imparting some wisdom on his younger teammates.

“The move’s been great,” Stroobants told North Media.

“I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to help the young guys in our VFL squad out, and also the AFL guys that will come back into our team.”

This isn’t the forward’s first VFL team, with Stroobants having captained Bendigo Gold before the club folded at the end of 2014.

“I think for me being an older player now in my late 20’s, I sort of wanted that opportunity to come into a really elite environment and learn as much as I can, because one day I want to be a coach of my own team,” Stroobants said.

“There was definitely lure of having the professionalism of the elite environment of an AFL club right at your doorstep.

“Speaking to David Loader (VFL coach), I think I’ll be somewhat of a leader in the forward-line.

“When I was first started in the VFL I was the same as some of the younger boys straight out of the TAC Cup. I was in and out of the side each week due to the AFL players coming back, so I’ll just make sure those boys are enjoying their time.

“I’ll be looking to really drive the young 18 to 20-year-old group through training, and through games on the weekend.”

As for Stroobants the player, expect him to light-up the forward line, given he kicked 193 goals in 61 games at his former club.

“At Rochester I had a couple of good years there where i played predominantly forward, and I feel that’s the role I feel I’ll be playing here in the VFL side,” Stroobants added.

“I feel I’ve got a pretty strong mark for my size, so I match-up with defenders of a similar size, and feel I can put some really good pressure on their defenders when they’re trying to move the ball out of our forward-line, which is one of my strengths.

“I expect to bring a bit of flare, I’ll try to kick some goals when I get a chance and try and take some good grabs.”

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