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Pocket Profile: Lynch

Name: Beth Lynch 

Nickname: Rat/BL 

Position: Wing/Back 

Recruited from: Richmond Vflw 

Most underrated AFLW player: Phoebe Monahan

Best advice you’ve received: Why wouldn't you do it? 

Greatest footy moment: Yet to happen hopefully 

Favourite AFLW player: Emma King 

Team barracked for as a kid: Gold Coast 

Most inspiring movie: Coach Carter 

Best concert attended: Bleach Ep Launch 

Three apps you can’t live without: Bumble, fortnite  and Stocks. 

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram, Twitter sucks

Favourite café: Mystics coffee house 

And what do you order: Large extra hot, 3/4 Turmeric latte, half almond milk, half soy milk, with a dash of cold water and 1 and 3/4 sugar

Hidden talent: Performing 

Guilty pleasure: A nice quiet glass of Death by Beth 

Your passions or interests outside footy: Routine checkups on scaffolding licenses

Life motto: Religion is like margarine there are so many different types 

Your best traits are: Being funny, being able to watch the same tv shows 10 times, walking my dog. 

Do you have any pets: Yes a groddle named gryff 

Favourite cartoon or movie character: Amy Santiago

Favourite holiday spot: A stunning lakeside town called Murtoa