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AFLW: Fresh look

The anticipation is growing, as the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos gather for the first time in Tasmania.

With 7 of the 30 players based in Tasmania, the opportunity to come together as a team is invaluable.

“It’s super exciting to be together with the Tassie girls. I haven’t met too many of them yet so I’m really keen,” Jamie Stanton told North Media.

“Having different faces in the team that I don’t know is great, something new, fresh, and different.

“And going down to Tassie will be a really good chance to develop our game plan but also to make some friends and have a good time.”

With training bases in Melbourne and Tasmania, the geographical aspect enables the natural leaders to lead the way.   

“It’s been a huge help having so many natural leaders around,” Stanton said.

“Especially for the leadership group, and having so many great girls around, it’s been fantastic for us.”

Drafted to the Brisbane Lions in the competitions inception, Stanton refuses complacency.

“I want to develop some more little things in my game, learn new positions, new skills, and make myself a better player for season three,” Stanton revealed.

“A big area for me in the preseason is fitness and development. After coming off playing two seasons, I figured that was the big area that made some of the other girls stand out more.

“So that’s been a big area, but also my skills, I want to make sure they keep developing and growing at a rapid rate,” she said.