Melbourne Uni v NT Thunder
Sunday, August 25 - 12pm
Arden St, North Melbourne

Melbourne Uni’s potential top six finish and finals campaign will be dictated by a win this Sunday.

Fresh off a bye and with home ground advantage, Melbourne Uni will take on 10th placed NT Thunder.

North AFLW Jasmine Grierson and ball-winner Kate Gillespie-Jones will return to the side for Britt Gibson, Kaitlyn Ashmore and Beth Lynch.

Melbourne Uni
B Julian Moore Daniec
HB Ebb Hardiman Grierson
C Runnalls Garner Trend
HF Abbatangelo Gillespie-Jones Angelis
F Bateman Saxon-Jones Bruton
R Saad Riddell Kearney
INT Roan Walsh El.King Whitford Cox
EM Gibson McDonald Arundel Duffin
23rd Saxon-Jones

IN: Grierson Daniec Gillespie-Jones Whitford
OUT: Gibson McDonald Ashmore Lynch