North captain Jack Ziebell has called on the AFL to upgrade its goal review technology.

Speaking on the ‘Powershop Players Podcast’, Ziebell believes the current review system results in lengthy delays and too muchinconsistency.

“It does take too long, I think the technology needs to improve and the AFL need to invest in that,” Ziebell said.

In Round 1, Shaun Higgins was denied a goal because the umpire claimed it hit the post, however no review was called for, publicised or broadcast resulting in confusion.

Ziebell believes there should be uniformity at all grounds.

“Every ground should have exactly the same cameras,” he stated.

“We’re playing in the best league in the country, and we’re not able to do that.

“They put all the Channel 7 and Foxtel cameras in each week, so why don’t they just put a couple more in the goal square?”

The 27-year-old also believes doubt about touched of the boot calls should be removed.

Last Saturday night, Sydney’s Jarrad McVeigh claimed he touched the ball off the boot of Billy Hartung, but despite his plea to the umpire, the goal was awarded.

“When it comes to goal-line reviews and whether it’s touched off the hand, it is really hard to tell, and I think whatever the umpire calls on the field should stand and that should be done in ten seconds,” he said.

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