As Australia celebrates National Volunteer Week, we are profiling the amazing work of The Huddle volunteers.

Josh Raymer, Huddle Volunteer

What do you do when you are not at The Huddle?
I study at Victoria University in Footscray, spend time with my girlfriend and friends, work at Favor & Grace café in Laverton, play basketball and cricket, listen to and produce music.

Why did you choose to volunteer at The Huddle?
I was interested in the program when looking for potential university placements and made contact with The Huddle to see how I could get involved in its programs. I really wanted to work with young people, learning and helping the best way I can. The Huddle is a perfect fit for me!

What’s your favourite thing about The Huddle?  
I love the upbeat nature and vibe of The Huddle, it has such a positive impact on all involved. Everyone who I have met and worked with so far have always demonstrated a positive attitude with the common goal of wanting to help young people to succeed and belong.

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?
I would spend the day doing a little bit of everything I love! I can’t put it down to one thing, would love to do all the things mentioned above except for maybe the work and the study part!