‘Get excited for 2020’.

That’s the message from club legend Brent Harvey to North Melbourne fans and supporters.

The games record holder has enjoyed an up-close-look at the Roos’ progress in the early part of pre-season in his increased coaching role, and can’t help but be impressed.

“I can’t promise you we’re going to win a premiership, I can’t promise you we are going to make finals, but what I can tell you is they (the players) are going to have an absolute red-hot go,” he said.

“What I’ve seen from the first fortnight of training is the boys are up and about and ready to go. They are going to play exciting football.”


Harvey said Rhyce Shaw’s impact had been immense in his short time at the club. 

“He’s changed things slightly and the buy-in from the players has been unbelievable.”

A new-look coaching group also bringing a fresh approach.   

“First of all the coaches will come together and be a really, really tight group, and then we’ll educate players how to become super, super tight,” Harvey explained.

“They are already a tight group, but let’s take that to another level, and what I’ve seen on the track in the first two weeks from the young guys has been unreal.

“The older guys are now back and everyone’s gelling … it’s hard work and they know it’s going to be super-tough going forward, but they’re enjoying it as well.

“That’s something Rhyce has brought to the table; ‘make sure you enjoy it’.”

Shaw coached North to seven wins from 12 games in 2019, and will be complemented by new additions Jared Rivers, Jade Rawlings and Heath Scotland in the coaching ranks.

Harvey’s new role encompasses first and second year mentoring, match-day running and goal-kicking coaching.

“I don’t think we’ve done enough goal-kicking over the years, so adding this in is going to be fantastic,” he added.

“It’s like getting the football, and just kicking a ball; you go through your routine and you know what you have to do.

“You get a ball in the pocket, and whether you centre the ball or you snap it, you know which way the ball’s going to bend.

“It’s just making these guys do repetitive goal-kicking so it’s muscle memory.”