Nick Dal Santo has labelled Robbie Tarrant a “superstar” and “one of the most underrated players in the competition”.

The former Kangaroo and Saint believes Tarrant’s versatility sets him apart from other defenders.

“He is a superstar, a brilliant teammate, as reliable as the day is long and one hell of a good defender,” Dal Santo said on SEN.

“It’s as simple as that. He’s strong, fast, competitive.

“He can take talls and smalls on and I love Robbie Tarrant for the player that he is now, because he started as a forward.”

After injuries were cruel to him early in his career, Tarrant has become one of the most reliable players on the list.

He’s played 21 or more games in each of the past five seasons.

The retirement of Scott Thompson now providing an opportunity for another youngster to stand up and play a key role, alongside the veteran defender.

“Outside of Tarrant, they have got some young players coming through and I think there’s other players that need to step up,” Dal Santo said.

“Getting Majak (Daw) back would be great. We saw what he did a couple of years ago and the steps he took in terms of becoming that roll-off defender.

“From where Majak has come from, for him to be given the responsibility and the liberty of choosing when to go one on one and when to roll off and support in the air like the really good defenders do, it’s brilliant.

“Sam Durdin is someone they’re trying to grow and he needs to physically get a bit bigger and probably a bit more consistent and stronger in his games week to week.

“There’s space there for someone to step up and fill that void.”