Learning is about so much more than book smarts. It extends into our social lives, emotions and spiritual being. 

In collaboration with St Andrews Primary School, The Huddle delivered a social and emotional learning program that taps into those aspects of learning, and encourages students to utilise the network around them to achieve greater heights.  

21 lucky grade 6 students trialled the program at St Andrews every Friday across three terms , starting in the classroom and leading to a practical session of games and sport.

The students came from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Eritrean, South Sudanese, Aboriginal, Italian and Anglo-Australian.

Identified by their teachers as students who would benefit from the program, after the first term,  they were already showing growth.

“Students have developed positive coping strategies and have the capacity to strategically solve personal problems,” one teacher reported. 

“Students have also demonstrated an understanding of the importance of help-seeking and identified who and where they can access help from... it’s really great.”

Since finishing the program St Andrews has adopted social and emotional learning into the curriculum across other years.