He’s already a two-time Syd Barker Medal winner, but Ben Cunnington may be about to take his game to another level, according to Trent Dumont.

 “Cunners is running better than I’ve ever seen him run before, which is massive for him,” Dumont said on SEN.

“It hasn’t been his strength, but he’s been challenged the right way and he’s working to become a better player.

“I think he’ll have a better year than last, which is a pretty big thing to say.”

Jy Simpkin, recently added to the club’s leadership group, also burning up the track.

“He’s super fit and invested off-field in what we want to do as a team … Jy Simpkin is leading the way,” Dumont said.

“He’s one to look out for.”

After 20 games in his debut season, Tarryn Thomas is ready to go to the next level.

This piece of brilliance during match practice on Friday, a sample of the youngster’s ability.

 “His temperament is outstanding. You can trust him already,” Dumont commented.