"You guys are going to have to give yourselves some real energy from here."

It's half-time and North is 29 points down. It's been nothing short of a scrappy start to 2020. Watching on from home, you've be forgiven for thinking St Kilda was going to run away with a big win. 

In the rooms, coach Rhyce Shaw is no doubt frustrated ... but he stays cool. He urges his players to "invest", a message he's reiterated time and time again throughout the day. 

"It’s up to you blokes, we can’t (the coaches) do it out there. You guys have to invest right now, in what we’re going to do," he says, urging his players. 

The Roos have had plenty of the footy, they've had their chances. But just like the coach, keeping a cool head is key; there's no need to panic. 

"Every time we fumble, they (the Saints) make a tackle," Shaw tells his team. 

"I’ll give you one clue going forward; if we are clean, we can win!"

Shaw asked for "energy", and as the players leave the rooms, you can tell the game is about to change... 

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In the meeting room (Round 1, 2020)

Rhyce Shaw addresses the players before the game, at the main break and after the final siren. Ride the highs and low of game day.

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