He's just turned 32, but is it possible Todd Goldstein is playing the best football of his career in his 13th season?

The stats certainly suggest that's the case.

Remarkably, as Goldstein prepares for game 241, he is the number one ranked player in the AFL, based off the league's rating system.

The North big man is averaging career-high disposals (17.2), contested possessions (11.8), clearances (7.2) and chimes in for close to a goal a game.

He also averages 34 hit-outs a game, with the stats made all the more impressive by the fact the AFL is playing reduced 16-minute quarters in 2020. 

Goldstein leads the league for clearances, ahead of the likes of Patrick Cripps, Dylan Shiel and Clayton Oliver.

With 24 votes from six matches, he sits fifth overall in the AFLCA Champion Player of the Year, second in The Age Player of the Year Award, and would no doubt be an early favourite for the Syd Barker Medal, alongside Jy Simpkin. 

Goldstein committed to being a one club player by re-signing with North late last year, until the end of 2022. 

Goldstein in 2020 

Disposals: 17.2 (career: 13.2) 
Contested possessions: 11.8 (7.2) 
Clearances: 7.2 (3.0) 
Hit-outs: 34 (32.5)
Goals: 0.8 (0.5)
Time on ground: 96%

AFL top-five rated players

1. Todd Goldstein (NMFC)
2. Lachie Neale (BRIS)
3. Nat Fyfe (FREM)
4. Matt Rowell (GC)
5. Max Gawn (MELB)