No matter your age or experience, the prospect of a job interview is enough to set off the butterflies in your stomach.   

But thanks to The Huddle and WynBay Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN), 210 Year 12 students across Wyndham took part in mock interviews, providing them with invaluable interview experience. 

The program spanned across 10 schools from the region.  

Recent Year 12 graduate, Indygo Cowton, said it was a unique opportunity for students to gain relevant experience in a year where COVID-19 restrictions restricted face-to-face learning possibilities.  

“It was a really good opportunity to take part in the interviews as many Year 12’s this year haven’t had the opportunity to gain relevant work experience due to COVID-19,” Cowton said. 

“I was able to meet real employers and practice questions and also get feedback on how I could improve which is really valuable in the current job climate.” 

Recently gaining work as a trainee at Aquatap, Cowton said the experience she gained through the program meant she was able to confidently enter her job interview. 

“I was still nervous when I was going in but having that experience helped me gain confidence in my answers and also my own abilities,” she said.  

WynBay LLEN Officer Sher Stowe-Winder said the partnership between WynBay LLEN and The Huddle ensured youth felt prepared for success.  

“Due to COVID-19 having such a huge impact on year 12 students, the mock interviews provided a valuable and realistic experience in this unprecedented year,” Stowe-Winder said. 

“Teachers and students have been very thankful and appreciative of all employers and services that supported our program. 

“The Huddle was extremely professional, willing, supportive and reliable in every step of the process.” 

The mock interviews would not have been made possible without the contribution of several local businesses such as David McCarthy Plumbing and Gas taking the time to support young people develop the skills needed to achieve their career goals. 

David McCarthy Plumbing and Gas people development manager, Cat McCarthy, said the mock interviews provided an alternate way to continue to support young people professional growth and development when work experience was no longer an option. 

“This year has been unprecedented and so we haven’t been able to provide students and young people with work experience,” McCarthy said. 

“To give that feedback to young people and Year 12s who have missed out on a lot this year, that means a lot to an employer to be able support their growth.”