Assistant coach Heath Younie can’t wait to start working with North Melbourne’s emerging group of forwards.

Making the move from Adelaide to take on the role, Younie says the opportunity to help develop the likes of Cameron Zurhaar and Nick Larkey is one he’ll embrace.

“They’ve got some fantastic young players coming through,” he said on Sportsday SA. 

“Watching from afar, especially this year, Zurhaar is powerful and got some real talent, is tough and can hit the scoreboard. I love the way he goes about it.

“I think he’s one not to overcoach and let him play to his strengths. That’s part of my philosophy … you bring guys into the footy club with their weapons, let them show them and continually show them. Let’s not overcomplicate things too much.

“Nick (Larkey), he’s got a huge amount of talent. I like the way he goes about it.

“I’m super-excited to work with that group. I see the forwards and they brought in Jaidyn Stephenson who’s got high-level talent. I’m excited.”

Younie was targeted by incoming senior coach David Noble, with the pair having worked together at the Crows during a successful period for the club.

“I feel I’ve got a strength in developing young men, and I think the club’s in the right position for someone like myself and David (Noble) to come in and work with the current coaches, and bounce quickly,” he said.

“His (Noble’s) relationship-building and his empathy for people would be the first thing. Everyone that works under him says the same thing.

“He’s a great communicator but he cares for people, and I think that holds you in good stead whatever you do in life.

“Added to that I think the experience he’s had over his journey … he’s coached his own team, he’s looked over a line, he’s been a list manager, he’s been a head of football.”

Younie said Noble’s experience would ensure the club is on the right path for future success.

“At Adelaide, he navigated the club through some really difficult times; you can’t buy that experience,” he added.

“That’s going to hold North Melbourne in a really good position. I think he’s perfectly positioned to take on the new role. He’s ready to go.

“He’s already put great people around him at the club; John Blakey has a huge amount of experience in footy, hopefully I can add some value to that.

“Then you’ve got people like Brent Harvey around the club, Leigh Adams who’s highly respected and then Gavin Brown; outstanding people in the footy industry and I think the team is coming together to get the footy club back to where it needs to be.”