Debney Meadows Primary School students were put through their paces at an AFL Gala Day on Friday, marking the last day of Term 2. 

Despite the cold weather, students were excited to step outside their classrooms and get active. Preps to grade six students dressed in their favourite footy team colours and participated in three different activities designed to improve their skills. This included a goal kicking exercise, a team handballing game and a tackling and obstacle circuit.  

“We find it really important that we’re helping schools and the kids connect to their local footy clubs. The more kids playing football the better,” The Huddle development officer, Mufaro Muneri said.

“One of the best parts of The Huddle program is building confidence with the students and the club. It’s such a good thing to have one of the values ‘belonging’, and its pretty important that we bring that word into the community.” 

Many of the students that attend Debney Meadows are also participants in other programs run by The Huddle, such as Huddle Up Junior and Huddle Holidays. This connection assists The Huddle in helping the community become more cohesive and foster that sense of belonging. 

“My favourite activities have been the handballing and kicking the football,” Year 3/4 student, Awo said.

“I have been at Bounce and Chesterfield Farm as well.”