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Feeling at home

Brad McKenzie is feeling at ease across the half-back line, set to line up for his 12th game of the year.

6:23pm Aug 4, 2016

Smooth transition

Brad McKenzie has praised his teammates for helping him make a solid return to the AFL.

5:13pm May 17, 2016

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3:16pm  Jul 28, 2015

VFL: McKenzie highlights

5:47pm  Jul 6, 2015

VFL: Brad McKenzie highlights

9:31am  Jul 9, 2014

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186 cm
84 kg
2019 AFL Fantasy Points

Player Bio

At A Glance

Junior club: Sturt
Recruited from: Sturt
Draft: #18, 2011 National
Debut: Round 7, 2012 v Western Bulldogs


- Kicking
- Agility

Jumper Club Members

- NMFC Peninsula Supporters Group

Background: Pre-NMFC


A member of the 2011 South Australian Under 18’s, Brad McKenzie’s disposal skills shot him to prominence in his draft year.

The left footer was considered to have ‘elite agility’ when tested at the 2011 Draft Combine and spent most of his time in the midfield for Sturt.

McKenzie was North Melbourne’s first selection at the 2011 National Draft, picked at #18.

Season by Season

Season by Season

Defensive Coach, Brad Green

“Looking at Baz and his season, it was certainly a big step forward for him.

“He ended up playing 14 games this year and made some big improvements in his defensive work.

“He bought into playing in a team defence and playing as part of a back six. In previous years he’s been off a wing and midfield so it was a little bit foreign to him to start off with.

“Hopefully he can go away and have a break knowing he can play at this level, and then next year we can see more improvement from him.

“It’s a balancing act (between defending and attacking). Certainly we’ve talked about his offensive game being such a weapon and balancing that with defence is a crucial part that we need to keep developing.”


Mid-season, from Leigh Tudor

“He’s playing midfield with a little bit of wing. He’s playing consistent footy with a concentration and focus on his inside work. He’s really improved in both of those areas.

“Over the last four or five weeks he’s been tracking well.”

Second half of 2015, from Jarred Moore

“By his own admission he struggled for the first few rounds.

“After sitting down and working everything out he knuckled down and played some really good footy in the back end of the year.

“From halfway on the majority was on the wing and his work rate went to another level.

“To be able to force his way into the side for Round 23, then play well, showed everyone he’s definitely up to the standard. We’re hoping to see more of him.”


After playing the last 10 games of 2013, McKenzie was a fixture in the senior side for the first seven matches of 2014, and looked to be cementing a spot for the long-term.

Spending time on a wing, he was able to hit the scoreboard while also using his elite skills to good use around the ground.

He notched a career-high 25 disposals in the Round 3 victory over Port Adelaide, but was omitted after the Round 7 loss to Gold Coast.

McKenzie only played three more senior games for the rest of the year in Rounds 14, 15 and 17, spending the majority of his time at North Ballarat in the VFL.

The left-footer spent more time in the middle of the ground for the Roosters, getting on the inside and winning more clearances.

It added another dimension to McKenzie’s game and should have the South Australian in good shape for 2015 after a full pre-season.


Mid season, from Darren Crocker

“He’s really improving. We’ve been happy with how much he’s come on. The biggest thing for Brad is just getting some consistency into his game.

“He’s had some really good games at VFL level this year and started to push up for senior selection. But then he’ll have a quieter game.

“He’s been using the ball really well and the next step is developing a change of pace. When he gets possession he can break the lines a little bit more with a change of pace."

End of season review

McKenzie was substitute six times in his 10 appearances.

His kicking was a feature and North had a big focus on getting the ball into his hands whenever possible on the outside.


With a light build, McKenzie started out the year in the VFL playing for North Ballarat. Promising form earned him a debut in Round 7 against the Western Bulldogs.

While he was the substitute, he showed a glimpse of his future with a pinpoint pass to Drew Petrie, setting up a goal. After a second substitute appearance and a further taste of AFL action, McKenzie spent the rest of the season playing for the Roosters.

When Jack Ziebell was suspended and headed over to Utah, McKenzie joined him with a view to fast tracking his physical development.


By the numbers

  • 2019 Season Average
    Games Played
    • Kicks
    • Handballs
    • Disposals
    • Marks
    • Hit-Outs
    • Tackles
    • Goals
    • AFL Fantasy

2019 Highlights

Statistics Best Opponent Round
Kicks 0 - -
Handballs 0 - -
Disposals 0 - -
Marks 0 - -
Hit-outs 0 - -
Tackles 0 - -
Goals 0 - -
AFL Fantasy 0 - -

2019 Season Breakdown

Rd Opponent Result K H D M HO FF FA T G B AF
TOTAL W: 0 - L: 0

By the numbers

  • Career Average
    Games Played 37
    • Kicks 8.5
    • Handballs 4.7
    • Disposals 13.1
    • Marks 3.5
    • Hit-Outs 0.0
    • Tackles 1.8
    • Goals 0.2
    • AFL Fantasy 52.8

Career Highlights

Statistics Best Opponent Round
Kicks 22 Adelaide Crows Rd 14, 2016
Handballs 13 Brisbane Lions Rd 16, 2013
Disposals 25 Port Adelaide Rd 3, 2014
Marks 9 St Kilda Rd 19, 2016
Hit-outs 1 GWS Giants Rd 14, 2013
Tackles 6 Carlton Rd 9, 2016
Goals 1 Sydney Swans Rd 22, 2016
AFL Fantasy 91 Adelaide Crows Rd 14, 2016

Career Breakdown

Season Club K H D M HO FF FA T G B AF


Frees For
Frees Against
AFL Fantasy points


Individual Stats

- Disposals: 7
- Marks: 4
- Starting substitute
- Time on Ground: 19%

NMFC Debut

Round 7, 2012 v Western Bulldogs
Etihad Stadium

North Melbourne: 3.1.19, 6.5.41, 11.8.74, 12.11.83
Western Bulldogs: 3.3.21, 9.6.60, 14.8.92, 15.11.101