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Pagan feature (CH 7)

9:38am  Apr 20, 2018

Ziebell free to play

April 17, 2017 2:29 PM

Jack Ziebell will be available to take on Fremantle on Saturday night, after being cleared of any wrongdoing for contact against Travis Cloke.

Ziebell collided with Cloke in the final quarter of the Good Friday clash, but it was the view of the Match Review Panel that there was no forceful high contact.

The Match Review Panel's findings were as follows:  

Contact between North Melbourne’s Jack Ziebell and the Western Bulldogs’ Travis Cloke for the fourth quarter of Friday’s match was assessed. The panel said Cloke had the ball and was preparing to kick forward as Ziebell came to meet him. Cloke is in his kicking action as Ziebell seeks to impact the kick. Ziebell makes body contact to Cloke but there was no forceful high contact made to the Western Bulldogs’ player. It was the view of the panel Ziebell’s actions were not unreasonable in the circumstances and no further action was taken.

Scott Thompson was also cleared after making contact with Tom Boyd.

Contact between North Melbourne’s Scott Thompson and the Western Bulldogs’ Tom Boyd from the first quarter of Friday’s match was assessed. The ball was loose with Thompson and Boyd coming from opposite directions when contact was made. Both players are reaching down for the ball when the pair meet. It was the view of the panel Thompson was contesting the ball and had no realistic alternative way to contest the ball. No further action was required.