Depicted on the fabric of North’s 2020 Sir Doug Nicholls Round guernsey, are the powerful totems of its Aboriginal AFL players; Jed Anderson (Honey Ant), Paul Ahern (Lizard), Jy Simpkin (Turtle), Kyron Hayden (Salt Water) and Tarryn Thomas (Goanna & Emu).

Designed by Gunmok woman and artist, Lorraine Kabbindi White, ‘Never Surrender’ pays homage to the players’ deep connection with culture and respect of their country. 

The background details freshwater and saltwater countries merging, symbolising the coming together of all different cultures. 

Each player’s country also features; Warramungu (Anderson), Gunaikunai (Ahern), Yorta Yorta (Simpkin), Wajuk / Ballardong (Hayden) and Lumaranatana / Kamilaroi (Thomas). 

North youngster Simpkin said it’s a special feeling to wear the jumper.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to come together to celebrate our culture and design the Sir Doug Nicholls Round guernsey with Lorraine,” Simpkin told North Media.

“We not only celebrate our culture but our families' histories which is really important to all of us.

“It’s a special feeling running out on gameday in the guernsey and equally special to look around and see our teammates wearing something that means so much to us.”

The boomerang and spears sit alongside the totems and represent strength, resilience and a celebration of survival– all summed up by the name of the jumper: ‘Never Surrender’.

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