He divided opinions with his thoughts on the Powershop Players Podcast, but it seems Jasper Pittard could have the backing of one high profile supporter, none other than Tony Lockett.

Pittard raised eyebrows when he said past champions mightn’t have the same impact in the modern game as they did in their playing days.

“They wouldn’t be bonafide stars,” he said.

“The modern game now, with team ‘d’ (defence) … they were one out a lot of the time, so they’re not gonna get that very often.”

Speaking on SEN on Thursday, the man who kicked 1360 goals in 281 games weighed in.

"It's too hard to say, there's too many pros and cons at the moment,” Lockett said.

"I think they move a bit quick for me these days.

"The game's definitely got a bit quicker and the game's changed so much compared to the way we played the game."

Former Kangaroo and Saint Nick Dal Santo wasn’t so supportive of Pittard's comments. 

"When we were growing up, we didn't have social media. We would've had computer games, but I know for me, all I did was be outside and play sport," he said on the Fox Footy Podcast.

"I don't think kids are having this amount of time with a football in their hand. I don't think they experience the amount of variety and playing with a ball, peripheral vision ... and then how that can translate onto a footy field and the beauty of that.

"To put it really simply, kids by the age of 18 getting drafted could be a million touches less than what we were.

"So I think once they get to AFL level, they've missed out on all that education. All that time of decision making, holding the football differently and still trying to kick a drop punt."

Listen to the full podcast with Jasper Pittard below.