For North Melbourne AFLW coach Scott Gowans, the NAB AFLW Combine is an opportunity to look past the numbers or performances.  

“One of the big things is character,” Gowans told North Media.

“It’s interesting seeing the girls in this environment, with how they perform with their peers and how they interact.

“It’s not so much for me on performance or numbers, it’s how they carry themselves. You see them wandering around and they’re all staying together in the hotel, it’s how they cope with all of that.

“A big part of if they’re going to fit into the list is if they’re going to have that sense of belonging which is really important to us at North Melbourne.”

North AFLW list manager, Rhys Harwood, meanwhile was keen to cast an eye on the nation’s best talent and in particular, Tasmanian twins Chloe and Libby Haines.

“Today’s a great opportunity for the best girls in the country to come and put their best foot forward in some physical testing and to meet with the clubs as well,” Harwood said.

“It’s a culmination of their hard work across the years so there’s a few nervous faces but they’re all doing really well so far.

“There are two Tasmanian girls here this week, Chloe and Libby Haines so they’ve had a great year in terms of playing for Tasmania.

“They’ve certainly put their best foot forward and they’ve been improving the last two years since coming from a basketball background and from not playing much footy to being here with the best of the best is a credit to them.”

The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos have already signed six Tassie players, and will carry another five picks into the draft.

AFL defender Jamie Macmillan also on hand to provide another perspective.

“I remember my draft year (ten years ago) I had some pretty daunting interviews and so I know how the girls are feeling a little bit,” he said.

“Over the course of the year I’ve been around for more of the list management side of things and helping out and having a  chat to a few of the girls and seeing if they have any questions for me.

“I’m going to keep a bit of an open mind going into today, I know we will certainly be having a look at taking the best girls we can. iIn terms of the Tassie piece I know that the twins, Chloe and Libby Haines are in today so well get to know them a bit.”

North’s list of thirty will be finalised by the end of the month.