(L-R) Brady Rawlings, Lachlan Hansen, Daniel Harris, Michael Firrito, Ian Fairley, Shannon Grant, Saverio Rocca, Troy Makepeace and Scott McMahon at the 2023 Father-Son Day. Picture: NMFC Media

A host of former Kangaroos returned to the club with their youngsters on Thursday for North Melbourne's annual Father-Son Day.

Amid the senior team's training session at Xavier College and the heart-warming announcement of Cooper Harvey's debut, 13 potential future Roos hit the track before heading over to Arden Street for a look around the club.

Lenny, Ryder and Noah, the respective sons of Michael Firrito, Lachlan Hansen and Scott McMahon, all experienced their first days in the program.


"Lenny was pretty rapt and excited, he was up last night asking, 'when can we go?' … and my younger one Max, he's chomping at the bit to get involved too so it’s a great initiative by the club," 275-gamer Michael Firrito told NMFC Media.

Not only does the program offer an opportunity for the sons but it gives the past players a chance to meet up with long-time friends and former teammates.

"Everyone is busy with life, work, family and everything so I don't get to see the older boys as much anymore, but it was great to see Sav Rocca, Shannon Grant, Troy Makepeace, Dan Harris and the other guys," Firrito said.

"It was good to catch up with some of the young boys because there's a few here that I used to play with.

"We're big supporters these days so we know all of the players but there are some I haven’t met before so that was exciting, too."

Shannon Grant (l) and Michael Firrito (r). Picture: NMFC Media

For Hansen, it's been a long time between visits, but he was delighted to back at North Melbourne alongside his son, Ryder.

"It’s the first time I've been back for about six years," he told NMFC Media.

"I've gone to games a few times and taken the kids but to be back and see a few players I used to play with has been terrific.

"He (Ryder) loves his footy, and once he found out when this was on he couldn’t stop talking about it."

Dan Harris (l), Lachlan Hansen and Troy Makepeace (r). Picture: NMFC Media

Past players and sons involved

Shannon Grant (1998-2008) and Archer Grant (16 years old)
Games: 243
Goals: 323
Guernsey Number: 6
Shinboner Number: 864
Accolades: Premiership player (1999), Norm Smith Medallist (1999), All-Australian (2005), Syd Barker Medallist (2001)

Troy Makepeace (2000-2006) - Suede Makepeace (14) and Ryder Makepeace (17)
Games: 139
Goals: 37
Shinboner Number: 880
Guernsey Number: 35

Daniel Harris (2001-2009) and Sam Harris (15)
Games: 149
Goals: 44
Shinboner Number: 883
Guernsey Number: 4

Saverio Rocca (2001-2006) and Marcus Rocca (13)
Games: 101
Goals: 234
Shinboner Number: 885
Guernsey Number: 26

Ian Fairley (1983-1996) and Zachary Fairley-Marr (15)
Games: 217
Goals: 149
Shinboner Number: 738
Guernsey Number: 6
Accolades: Premiership player (1999)

Brent Harvey (1996-2006) and Hudson Harvey (12)
Games: 432
Goals: 518
Shinboner Number: 853
Guernsey Number: 29
Accolades: Premiership player (1999), North Melbourne captain (2009-2011), All-Australian (2000, 2005, 2007, 2008), Syd Barker Medallist (2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010), North Melbourne Team of the Century

Brady Rawlings (1999-2011) and Conor Rawlings (12)
Games: 245
Goals: 62
Shinboner Number: 872
Guernsey Number: 3
Accolades: Syd Barker Medallist (2004, 2006, 2010)

Scott McMahon (2007-2015) and Noah McMahon (10)
Games: 124
Goals: 28
Shinboner Number: 938
Guernsey Number: 42

Michael Firrito (2003-2016) and Lenny Firrito (10)
Games: 275
Goals: 29
Shinboner Number: 906
Guernsey Number: 11

Lachlan Hansen (2007-2017) and Ryder Hansen (10)
Games: 151
Goals: 81
Shinboner Number: 933
Guernsey Number: 6

Anthony Stevens* (1989-2004) and River Stevens (17)
Games: 292
Goals: 127
Shinboner Number: 805
Guernsey Number: 10
Accolades: Premiership player (1996, 1999), All-Australian (1998), Syd Barker Medallist (1997, 1999), North Melbourne Team of the Century, North Melbourne captain (2002-2003)

Jason McCartney* (1998-2003) and Aidan McCartney (14)
Games: 107
Goals: 15
Shinboner Number: 865
Guernsey Number: 5

*Anthony Stevens and Jason McCartney were absent, but River and Aidan attended.


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