The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos have proudly launched their 2023 Pride guernsey.

The Kangaroos will wear the guernsey when they face the Western Bulldogs during Pride Round later this season.

Work on the design started late last year, with a number of players’ voices heard throughout the inclusive process, as well as staff members.


The design features 32 pride and diversity flags to celebrate and create conversations about different sexualities, gender identities and communities.

Kangaroos ruck Kim Rennie was one of the players that were a key part of the design process, along with Bella Eddey and Vikki Wall.

"Part of the design we discussed was incorporating the Bounding Roo, and when we’re talking about inclusivity, we really wanted to highlight the North Melbourne Kangaroos community," Rennie said.

"The Bounding Roo is obviously going forward, and we like to think that represents the club being progressive and moving forward in that way.

"Below the Bounding Roo, we’ve got a range of different pride and diversity flags, which represents such a diverse community and can be used to create really good conversation and be celebrated in a really positive way."

The Kangaroos’ 2023 Pride guernsey will be available in-store and online at the Roo Shop.


Get your hands on the new-look Pride guernsey which will be on show during AFLW Pride Round