Majak Daw has taken another huge step in his rehabilitation, running over-ground for the first time on Monday.

It’s the latest progression from the 28-year-old, who continues to surprise the club’s medical staff.

"He’s exceeded all our expectations, and we’re extremely happy with what he’s been able to achieve in this time,” head physiotherapist Matt Turnbull said.

“We tend to see trends in different players around how they retain their muscle bulk, their flexibility and that sort of thing, but we were surprised at just the speed of how he was able to retain those components.

"While Monday’s developments were encouraging, Turnbull and his team stress there’s still a long road ahead for Daw.

“We acknowledge that he’s got a lot more steps in his rehab process,” he said.

“He’s returned to running, now he needs to recondition to return to the level of his teammates before taking that next step.”