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Aaron Black looking up

“I am playing a bit of a different role, playing a bit higher up the ground this year.”
It’s been a frustrating season for Aaron Black. After a breakout year in 2013, the North forward has struggled to get going.

A solid outing against Geelong in the Roos’ semi final win, could have provided the spark he was looking for.

“I am slowly getting there, it has been a difficult year,” Black told the Herald Sun.

“I am playing a bit of a different role, playing a bit higher up the ground this year.”

That move received praised from media commentators with Black regularly dragging intercept defender Harry Taylor out of dangerous positions at the MCG.

“Last year, when I first came in, and people didn’t really know how I played, I was able to get off the hook a bit,” he said.

“This year I am getting manned up a bit. I’m learning from that and take confidence from those experiences.”

He’s also taking confidence out of regular meetings with Brad Scott.

“I catch up with him weekly, and I know that a lot of times for me, it is about just playing my role for the team.

“There were two games when he (Scott) gave me a kick up the bum,” he said.

Adding to his drop in form has been some injury niggles, but Black’s the last person to use that as an excuse.

“Yeah, I’ve been managing (a few issues), but the physios are really good.

“I would have been playing if they didn’t have the confidence that I was not up to scratch, but ‘Scotty’ has been really good.

“There has been one little injury that has been going on all year. We will go in at the end of the year and fix that up.”

The young Roo is already looking ahead to plenty of time in the gym.

“The biggest thing for me at the end of the year will be trying to put a bit more weight on and get a bit of size.”