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Dumont ready for more

PRESS PLAY above to watch the Trent Dumont update. catches up with Trent Dumont at the Utah training camp.

North midfielder Trent Dumont says he aims to play more senior footy in 2016 and the scrapping of the sub vest could help make that happen.

Dumont, who had minor post-season hip surgery on both hips, said he was looking forward to making an even bigger impact in 2016.

“I’m excited for this pre-season, it’s going to be a big one,” Dumont told in Utah.

“I think now it’s probably time that I start to aim to be a regular player, I’ve got a long way to go… but I’m willing to put the work in. I’m sure if I do put the work in and get myself in shape after these surgeries, I’ll put myself in a really good position to become a regular member of the team.”

With the dreaded substitute’s green vest no longer being handed out from 2016 onwards, Dumont said he was hoping to benefit from the change.

“Pretty happy,” Dumont, who wore the green vest in five of his eight games, said of the abolition of the vests.

“I was pretty happy to play the sub role, because it was giving me a game, but I’m happy it’s gone now.

“It’s more natural playing a full game of football for me than just a quarter here and there.”

Meanwhile, Dumont said beginning his pre-season in Utah would benefit North’s younger players who made the trip.

“It’s good to have a crack over here in Utah, get the fitness up before we go back and train with the senior boys,” the number 14 said.

And of course, it isn’t just personal success Dumont is chasing, saying he was confident the Roos could improve on their 2015 Preliminary Final finish.

“We’re pretty optimistic,” he said.

“We’ve drafted pretty well… and I feel like if we put it altogether and execute (Brad) ‘Scotty’s’ game plan, there’s no reason why can’t be there on the last day (in the Grand Final).”