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Rookie: Tom McKenzie

Tom McKenzie
Drafted from: Northern Knights/Vic Metro/Ivanhoe Grammar
Height: 183cm
Weight: 71kg
DOB: 23/6/2000 
Position: Defender/Midfielder

North Melbourne has selected Tom McKenzie with its first pick in the 2018 Rookie Draft.

Able to play across half-back or through midfield, McKenzie is blessed with elite pace, recording the fastest 20m sprint time at the 2018 Draft Combine. 

McKenzie is a strong contributor off half-back with his speed, but is able to pick up plenty of the ball in as an inside midfielder, averaging 23 disposals for the Northern Knights in 2018.

McKenzie’s versatility was on show at the combine, recording the equal second-best score in the goal-kicking test.

The former Northern Knight lists his disposal efficiency and decision making among his strengths. 

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