As a professional footballer, Emma Kearney knows all too well the value of learning and continuing to improve.

But of course, it's not all about running hundreds of laps and lifting weights; being able to enjoy the process is key to  a person's development. 

That's why Kearney aims to bring fun into the classroom in her role as Social Cohesion Education Coordinator at The Huddle.

Facilitating the True North programs, Kearney teaches the importance of teamwork, grit, values and communication, all vital in her role as an AFLW footballer, as she mentors the next generation.

Among the activities planned for the University Highschool students in The Huddle last week, building spaghetti towers. 

“Though it seems like a trivial task, it actually forced the studentsto come together and overcome obstacles and difficulties while working towards a single goal,” Kearney told North Media.

“For the teamwork module the students had to build a racetrack and race spheros around it.”

It's that approach to making learning fun that sets the True North program apart. 

The communication and value module, similarly interactive.

“While focusing on communication, the students had to brainstorm strategies to create a healthy school community, they were encouraged to think creatively, but pragmatically.

“And another section was on how values impact our behaviour.”

The program, a success.

“The feedback from the entire day was really positive, students had fun but also thought about problems and values in ways that they had never thought about before,” Kearney finished.