It’s been a little over a month since Scott Thompson said an emotional farewell to his teammates, but it’s still hard to imagine a North Melbourne side without him leading from the last line.

Humble as they come, Thompson made one thing loud and clear in his final few weeks at Arden Street; he was simply so appreciative of the opportunity to play for the club.

In a recent video, presented by Melbourne Airport Parking, the 241-gamer opened up on his love for North.  

“The club means a lot to me. They drafted me. They had the confidence,” Thompson said. 

“I’ve been here 12 years. I’ll always be a North supporter. [My kids will be] North supporters for the rest of their lives too. 

“They’ve (those at the club) been awesome to me, and I owe them a big debt.”

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Of course, Thompson‘s playing style and relentless approach present all the trademarks of a ‘Shinboner’; it's really no surprise he found himself at a club that holds those values so dear.

“To come to North, and that’s the way you already play, it was awesome for me,” Thompson said.

“It’s a good tradition that North have.  You have to be hard at the ball, and if you’re not, you probably won’t play for North Melbourne.  I think that’s one thing North has over lots of clubs.  Hopefully it lasts and hopefully I helped carry that legacy on.

“I always tried to give it my all.”

Thompson revealed it’s the camaraderie he’ll miss most.

“You have 45 people on a list, and your mateship with all of them is unbelievable,” he said. 

“Coming to the club, coming to your work every day and having jokes with the guys, and sharing the ups and downs with them – I don’t think it would happen in many workplaces – that’s what I love about football and that’s probably what I’ll miss the most. 

“Drew Petrie … at the start of my career he was really good to me, so I loved playing with him.  Michael Firrito … ‘Ziebs’ has been a good skipper … ‘Taz’ has always been good … Nathan Grima. 

“You get really close to the guys you have around you, that you were drafted with, so all them have been awesome.”

The story of North’s number 16’s rise from the local leagues of Geelong, to an All-Australian nod, one that could speak to any aspiring footballer, or athlete alike. His message, ‘never give up’.

“I always dreamt of being a footballer but I never thought it would come true,” Thompson added.

“When I was 19 and 20, I didn’t think it was going to happen; I was just playing local football.

“To play 12 years is beyond a dream come true. I was so rapt just to play one game in my first year, so to play 240 is special.  I’ll remember it forever.”

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