Totem [toh-tuhm]; A natural object or animate being assumed as the emblem of a clan, family or group.

Depicted on the fabric of North's 2019 Sir Doug Nicholls Round jumper, are the powerful totems of each of its Aboriginal players.

The honey ant (Jed Anderson), goanna (Paul Ahern), turtle (Jy Simpkin) and water (Kyron Hayden), all bring this delicate and unique artwork, aptly titled 'Totem', together. 

Designed by talented Gunmok artist Lorraine Kabbindi White, Totem's flowing design also features the 'Rainbow Serpent' or the 'Ngalyod' in Western Arnhem Land; a powerful being that originated from beneath the earth and created huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upward towards the surface of the land.

North's spiritual home, Arden St, is also visible in the form of a blue oval or deep waterhole in which 'Ngalylod' dwell.

The centre of the jumper symbolises the club itself, and the six blue bands running into it represent the main rivers and water from each player's home country, which links them back to their country.

North will wear 'Totem' in Round 10 against Western Bulldogs.

Click here to pre-order your 2019 ‘Totem’ guernsey or call (03) 9320 2480.

The guernsey was designed in 2018 and features the totems of the club’s Aboriginal players from that season.